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10 Mil Paper

10 Mil Paper - TerraSlate Paper 10 MIL 8.5
TerraSlate Paper 10 MIL 8.5" x 11" Waterproof Laser Printer/Copy Paper 25

10 Mil Paper

Ideally suited for use anytime printed materials will be subject to frequent handling or extreme environmental conditions, TerraSlate synthetic paper is waterproof, tear-resistant and durable, as well as impervious to grease and chemicals, and designed to withstand high and low temperature fluctuations. TerraSlate offers the image quality and printability of standard paper and can be folded, punched or die cut as needed, making it valuable for thousands of applications. For even greater flexibility, TerraSlate is available in a range of colors, sizes and weights, so it is customizable for each application. HOSPITALITY Menus Cookbooks, recipe cards Table tents Airline tray liners Placemats Hotel door handle tags Water-bottle labels Event passes RETAIL Shelf wobblers/danglers Shelf strips/sliders Delicatessen picks Bottle collars Retail tags/clothing labels Point-of-sale banners/signs Point-of-purchase displays Key cards for store incentive programs EDUCATION Manuals Book covers Personalized rulers/book marks Student ID cards Parking passes/permit hangers Charts/calendars Flash cards Puzzles GOVERNMENT Temporary license plates License/ID cards Transit/city maps Parking tickets Permits/regulations Training manuals Military field manuals MEDICAL Hospital manuals Hospital/paramedic ch...

  • Brand: TerraSlate Paper
  • UPC: 722512512634
10 Mil Paper - Puffin Paper - Synthetic Waterproof Paper - 25 sheets - 10 mil - 8.5x11 inches
Puffin Paper - Synthetic Waterproof Paper - 25 sheets - 10 mil - 8.5x11

10 Mil Paper

We started selling waterproof paper in 2003. In 2016 we discovered PuffinPaper - a synthetic waterproof paper that immediately became our favorite - and the favorite of our customers. Why? The print quality produced by laser printers and plain-paper copiers is amazing. More importantly, its performance in the field matched or exceeded that of all the other waterproof papers that we have used. You can use PuffinPaper for printing waterproof maps, signs, forms, charts, instruction sheets, taking notes in the field, and more. PuffinPaper works exceptionally well in laser printers and plain-paper copiers. It also works in inkjet printers that apply a pigment-based ink. It resists tears, punctures, abrasion and chemicals. You can write on PuffinPaper in any weather with a standard ballpoint pen. Medium width pens usually work best. PuffinPaper is not recommended for use in inkjet printers that apply dye-based ink or with gel pens. Both of these are water soluble and will smear when wet. Check the cartridge package or the manufacturer's website to learn the type of ink in your inkjet cartridge. Refilled and remanufactured cartridges usually have dye-based inks. PuffinPaper does not accept pencil. We always recommend creating a document and testing it in the environment of anticipated u...

  • Color: white
  • Brand: PuffinPaper
  • ASIN: B07B53YZMD
  • UPC: 853307008053
10 Mil Paper - 10 mil Stencil Mylar Blanks 8 x 10.5 sheet - 15 Pack
10 mil Stencil Mylar Blanks 8 x 10.5 sheet - 15

10 Mil Paper

Our 10 mil blank mylar material will be the perfect fit for your next project! From interior decorating to logos and crests, to face painting, to small industrial projects, it's as easy as drawing your design on, cutting, and painting on any surface you like! This mylar is a glossy material specifically engineered for easy cutting with a pen or exacto knife. With a material this thin, any design you come up with will produce crisp lines that pop right out off of your surface. We recommend brushing or rolling your paint on with this material for optimum line definition. Available in 8x10.5 or 12x17.5 sheets,you can cut a smaller, more intricate design, or scale it up for a larger image or pattern by taping your sheets together to cover more surface area. Great for arts and crafts, custom lettering, signs, designs, and more. Make sure your stencil is cut with adequate bracing, and leave room on the edges for overpaint. Easy to clean? You bet. Just add a little soap and water or paint remover to that puppy and watch as the paint comes right off . Cumbersome? Why, no. This light mylar will make your life so easy, you'll feel like you're not even trying. When you're finished cutting, stick your stencil on with our adhesive spray (sold separately) for easy management - this will both m...

  • UPC: 026813910008
10 Mil Paper - 10 Mil Double Letter Laminating Pouches 11-1/2 x 17-1/2 Qty 50 Hot Laminator Sleeves
10 Mil Double Letter Laminating Pouches 11-1/2 x 17-1/2 Qty 50 Hot Laminator

10 Mil Paper

50 pouches Double Letter (small menu) Size thermal (heat activated) clear gloss laminating pouches. 11-1/2" x 17-1/2" (292mm x 445mm) with 10 mils (250 microns) per flap and sealed on one 11-1/2" edge. 50 pouches per box package includes at least 1 silicone coated carrier. Mini-Letter size allows a 1/4" laminate border around your standard 11" x 17" sheet of paper. Pouches have standard 1/8" radius rounded corners. Quality meets or exceeds all major brands, but at generic pricing. Maximum card stock size recommended for this pouch is 11-1/4" x 17-1/4" (or less) to leave a standard 1/8" border of clear laminate around all sides of card for a secure sealed edge. TIPS: Industry standard specification for 10 mil laminating pouches is 10 mils on each flap for a total of 20 mils added to your paper sheet. Also, 1 mil equals 1/1000th of an inch (or 25 microns metric). The industry calls these laminating pouches when they are sealed on only one edge instead of three like folders. Insist on Authentic Oregon Lamination Premium Laminating Pouches. You'll be glad you did.

  • Color: Clear
  • Brand: Oregon Lamination Premium
  • ASIN: B0018OKCAU
10 Mil Paper - Klip Xtreme Glossy Photo Paper- 8.5in x 11in- 60 Page Pack- 10.8 Mil Thickness- ISO Brightness 96
Klip Xtreme Glossy Photo Paper- 8.5in x 11in- 60 Page Pack- 10.8 Mil Thickness- ISO Brightness 96"- Opacity

10 Mil Paper

A glossy finish is designed to provide exceptionally rich colors and give your images the look and feel of a traditional photograph. Specifications Size: 8.5 x 11 in Quality: 200 gr/m2, 54lbs Opacity: 96% ISO Brightness: 96

  • Brand: Klip xtreme
  • UPC: 798302090446
10 Mil Paper - 10 mil Blank Mylar - 24 inch - priced per foot
10 mil Blank Mylar - 24 inch - priced per

10 Mil Paper

Our options for mylar roll stock are guaranteed to suit your needs! We've got a wide array of materials, thicknesses, and sizes, so no matter how crucial your project might be, don't you worry - we've got you covered. Our materials can be used for both decorative and industrial applications alike, and are guaranteed not to let you down. Looking to cut your own stencils? Use our TL0012SCK Stencil Cutting Tool on grades 4, 7.5, 10, and 14 mil (22 mil and adhesive-backed materials will not cut with this tool)! Each material is available in a myriad of sizes, available for purchase by the foot so you can customize your order. And the best part? These plastics are incredibly easy to clean - just wash with soap and water or mineral spirits and stow away for your next project! We've had countless customers order our mylars for a multitude of purposes - from industrial signage and pavement marking, to wall decorating and DIY projects. Order today, and see what makes our mylar head and shoulders above the rest!

  • Brand: Stencil Ease
  • ASIN: B008FPARI2
10 Mil Paper - Inkjet Teslin Synthetic Paper - 10 Sheets
Inkjet Teslin Synthetic Paper - 10

10 Mil Paper

Inkjet Teslin® Paper is specifically designed for use with inkjet printers. It is not recommended for Laser printers (Laser Teslin® is also available). Teslin® is a water proof printable plastic material and is ideal for use anytime you need to ensure your printed documents are safe from the elements. It is also puncture and tear resistant. The primarily application is for use in making ID cards. You can also use it for printing topographical maps and directions for hiking trips, for outdoor signage, event tickets, permits, underwater tags, garden labels, menus, luggage tags, and many others. This 10-Pack is enough to make 80 credit card size IDs (8 ID cards per sheet of paper). All Inkjet Teslin® on the market today is double sided, meaning you will get the same quality of print no matter which side you print on. (Single-sided Inkjet Teslin® has not been sold for many years.) The thickness of this Teslin® is 10 mil (0.01"/0.254mm), which is the standard thickness for this type of paper. Butterfly pouches are recommended for laminating Teslin® in order to form a borderless ID Card. Other laminate pouches can be used if you don't mind have a laminate border on one edge of your card.

  • Brand:
  • ASIN: B004PX7ZTC
  • UPC: 792273814148
10 Mil Paper - badgeDesigner Premium CR80 10 Mil Mylar Adhesive Backed PVC Cards - 100 Pack
badgeDesigner Premium CR80 10 Mil Mylar Adhesive Backed PVC Cards - 100

10 Mil Paper

badgeDesigner's  mylar adhesive-backed PVC cards are typically applied to proximity/technology cards that are to thick to fit inside a card printer. Mylar offers a greater quality compared to paper backing and allows for easier feeding. Adhesive backed PVC cards are ideal for printing on most direct-to-card printers. Measuring 3.375'' x 2.125'' (the same size as a credit card), CR80 cards are the standard, most commonly used plastic card size. CR80 10 mil mylar adhesive back cards are also known as CR8010 or CR80.010 cards. Which is why have made them available in:- 100 Pack- 200 Pack- 500 PackbadgeDesigner's IS BRINGING YOU TOP PERFORMING PRODUCTS THAT YOU CAN COUNT ON.badgeDesigner's  mylar adhesive-backed PVC cards are compatible with all ID card printers They are not for use with inkjet printers.About This Product:- Superior/Graphic Quality Cards - 10 Mil Thickness- Works Great With All Standard ID Card Printers- Same Size, Thickness And Mag Stripe As A Standard Credit Card- Mylar adhesive (sticky) back cards- Made In USAAt badgeDesigner we take pride in providing top quality products. If for any reason you are not pleased with your purchase, contact a customer care representative so we can be of assistance.

  • Brand: badgeDesigner
  • ASIN: B06XZG2X6M
  • UPC: 674893936311
10 Mil Paper - Make Your Own Stencil - 10 Pack 6 Mil 12 x 12 inch Blank Stencil Sheets - Ideal for Use with Cricut & Silhouette Machines(Mylar Material)
Make Your Own Stencil - 10 Pack 6 Mil 12 x 12 inch Blank Stencil Sheets - Ideal for Use with Cricut & Silhouette Machines(Mylar

10 Mil Paper

****Setting for Cricut Air Explore 2**** Just what I was looking for! I have a Cricut Air Explore 2 and these are the settings I used. Choose custom material. When the screen pops up with choices choose view all. Bottom left corner click material settings. Find transparency and click the edit button. Change pressure to 330 and number of passes to 2. Fine cut blade and standard grip mat. Works like a charm! Once you edit the settings they will remain as your default settings anytime you choose transparency. Another Q&A: What setting would i have to use for a cricut explore air in order to cut this material? do i need a deep cut blade? Hi, I have the Cricut Explore. I cut on the cardstock setting with the regular blade. Works like a charm. :) What are the exact cut settings, blade, speed? I have a cricut air and i put mine on posterboard and use a fine point blade. Cuts great. NOTE: Here is the instruction in youtube you may interest: www(.) ****Setting for Silhouette**** For the Silhouette Cameo, this is what works for me: Open the Cut Settings tool (right) and from the material list pick "Clear Sticker Material." Blade on 3, Speed 2, Thickness 33, Double cut. Another Q&A: What is the optimal settings to cut for stencils using cameo 3? I'm us...

  • Color: As Picture
  • Brand: JINSEY
  • ASIN: B0787WVXDM

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10 Mil Paper

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10 Mil Paper

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