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16th Century Swords

16th Century Swords - Renaissance Swept Hilt Rapier Bone Grip
Renaissance Swept Hilt Rapier Bone

16th Century Swords

This swept hilt rapier was quite popular in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Our version is hand forged by the skilled artisans at Windlass Steelcrafts and has a blade of high carbon steel with a diamond cross section. This gives the blade firmness, yet allowing it to be flexible in action. The all steel guard and ornate pommel are accented with a real bleached, polished bone grip. Includes a full leather scabbard with steel throat and shoe. NOTE: Bone is a natural product and may have slight variations from the photo shown, giving each handle a unique "one of a kind" finish.

  • Brand: Museum Replicas
  • Part No: 1-862
16th Century Swords - The Sixteenth-Century Rapier Sword Spanish Basket Bell (274) Toledo LARP Re-Enactment Reenactment
The Sixteenth-Century Rapier Sword Spanish Basket Bell (274) Toledo LARP Re-Enactment

16th Century Swords

HAND MADE IN TOLEDO SPAIN The blade signed by the best Spanish armorers. This is not a Chinese product or Chinese quality. Toledo in Spain has been a very well-known place of making the best white weapon since the Middle Ages. Sword Overall Length: 112 cms Blade: Tempered Stainless Steel Blade: blunt Guard/Pommel: Decorative Cast metal Handle: metal with natural leather Weight: 1,3 kg

  • Brand: Generic
  • ASIN: B07NZKJ88W
16th Century Swords - Armor Venue Retarius Trident
Armor Venue Retarius Trident

16th Century Swords

In Ancient Rome Gladiators were usually equipped in one of several standard ways. Each gladiator style was know by it's own name, and in some cases were based on a conquered but respected enemies. One of the most popular was the ''Retiarius''. The Retiarius Gladiator fought with a trident and a net. Tis Trident is mounted onto a wooden pole. Overall Length: 51 58'' Head: 9 1/4'' x 11 1/4'' 3 lb 13 oz

  • Brand: Armor Venue
  • ASIN: B07HHDG7P1
  • UPC: 688960173509
  • Part No: AH6252
16th Century Swords - Armor Venue Two Tier Beech Wood Sword Stand - Deluxe Version
Armor Venue Two Tier Beech Wood Sword Stand - Deluxe

16th Century Swords

The Deluxe Version of the Two-Sword Beech Wood Display Stand is crafted from carved and stained wood. It is lined with velvet to protect the finish of your displayed weapons. 15'' Long x 6 5/8'' Wide x 11 5/16'' Tall

  • Color: Multicoloured
  • Brand: Armor Venue
  • UPC: 688960174520
  • Part No: SNWS5803
16th Century Swords - Brass Nautical - King Leonidas Medieval Greek Armour Helmet 300 Movie Armor (Copper Antique)
Brass Nautical - King Leonidas Medieval Greek Armour Helmet 300 Movie Armor (Copper

16th Century Swords

Military helmets date from ancient times. Their basic function was to protect the head, face, and sometimes the neck from projectiles and the cutting blows of swords, spears, arrows, and other weapons. The Assyrians and Persians had helmets of leather and iron, and the Greeks brought helmetmaking to a pinnacle of craftsmanship with their bronze helmets, some of which covered the entire head, with only a narrow opening in front for vision and breathing. The Romans developed several forms of helmets, including the round legionary's helmet and the special gladiator's helmet, with broad brim and pierced visor, giving exceptional protection to head, face, and neck. In northern and western Europe, early helmets were of leather reinforced with bronze or iron straps and usually took the form of conical or hemispherical skullcaps. Gradually the amount of metal increased until entire helmets were fashioned of iron, still following the same form. About the year 1200 the helm, or heaume, emerged. It was a flat-topped cylinder that was put on over the skullcap just before an engagement; experience soon dictated rounded contours that would cause blows to glance off. At the same time, the skullcap developed into the basinet, with pieces added to protect the neck and with a movable visor for the...

  • Color: Copper Antique
  • Brand: Brass Nautical
  • ASIN: B013RM7UEQ
  • UPC: 718349291507
  • Part No: 36073
16th Century Swords - Armor Venue Crucifix Longsword
Armor Venue Crucifix

16th Century Swords

This Gothic styled longsword has a blade of EN45 high carbon steel. The guard and pommel of the hilt are steel and the wooden grip is tightly overlaid in leather. The scabbard is of wood and it is bound in tight leather with a steel tip. Overall Length: 46 5/8'' Blade: 36'' 3 lb 9 oz

  • Brand: Armor Venue
  • UPC: 688960172311
  • Part No: AH3415R
16th Century Swords - K EXCLUSIVE High Middle Ages Silver Rapier Sword
K EXCLUSIVE High Middle Ages Silver Rapier

16th Century Swords

This replica sword mimics the rapier design used in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. It features a 36 1/2" stainless steel blade and a traditional handle with a wire wrapped grip surrounded by an authentically styled silver twisted steel guard. A black leather sheath with a silver chape and throat is included.

  • Brand: K EXCLUSIVE
  • ASIN: B073M9NKM7
  • UPC: 760729495128
  • Part No: BK495
16th Century Swords - Armor Venue Crusader Steel Shield - 18 Gauge Steel
Armor Venue Crusader Steel Shield - 18 Gauge

16th Century Swords

This Crusader Shield is constructed from 18 gauge steel and features a large central cross of blackened steel and brass. The shield is edged with brass medallions and blackened on the back. It is worn on the arm with a wooden bar grip with a steel frame that is riveted onto the shield. The arm strap of leather can be adjusted with its steel buckle to fit the arm. 28'' x 17 1/2'' 8 lb 5 oz

  • Brand: Armor Venue
  • UPC: 688960174018
  • Part No: LB25142
16th Century Swords - Armor Venue Mainz-Wederath Gladius
Armor Venue Mainz-Wederath

16th Century Swords

The Mainz-Wederath Gladius has a blade of high carbon steel. The hilt is composed of a wooden guard and pommel and a grip of bone. The guard plate and pommel nut are brass. A removable felt tab on the guard protects the guard plate and scabbard mouth from dents and scratches. The scabbard is wood wrapped in leather and finished with brass embellishment and hanging rings. Overall Length: 27 7/8'' Blade: 19 5/8'' 1 lb 11 oz

  • Brand: Armor Venue
  • UPC: 688960172168
  • Part No: AH3311E
16th Century Swords - Armor Venue Swept Hilt Rapier
Armor Venue Swept Hilt Rapier

16th Century Swords

The Swept Hilt Rapier was mainly used during the Middle ages by the Italian soldiers. It is designed with a hammered and blackened iron pommel and guard. It is completely battle ready and can be used for costume dressing also.It comes with a leather scabbard.

  • Brand: Armor Venue
  • ASIN: B07HHD81WZ
  • UPC: 688960172373
  • Part No: AH3421

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