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Acrobat Cd

Acrobat Cd - Complete Solo Singles As & Bs 1957-62
Complete Solo Singles As & Bs

Acrobat Cd

Sam Cooke is widely recognised as the pioneer of soul music, creating the crossover between R&B and pop during the late '50s and hugely influential as both a performer and songwriter. He had a smooth and highly distinctive vocal style, with an effortless and faultless delivery that not made him a massive influence but helped pave the way for other soul artists who emerged during the '60s and '70s. This great-value 58-track 2-CD collection comprises the A & B sides of all his solo singles, from the time he left The Soul Stirrers in 1957 through to 1962, just two years before his tragic and still unexplained death in a shooting incident in 1964. Those singles, released on the Specialty, Keen, RCA and SAR labels, naturally include all his chart successes during the period, including the landmark hits You Send Me, Only Sixteen, Wonderful World, Chain Gang and Twistin' The Night Away. It includes a substantial booklet with full discographical and chart information and a detailed narrative of his career and recordings. It's a great showcase for his unique talent, and provides an ideal way to get the very best of Sam Cooke's recordings in one collection

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    Acrobat Cd - The Modern, Chess & Veejay Singles Collection 1949-62
    The Modern, Chess & Veejay Singles Collection

    Acrobat Cd

    John Lee Hooker is one of the true giants of blues, ranking alongside the likes of other post-war greats such as B.B. King, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf as one of the artists who contributed massively to the development of the genre. His driving boogie style has become an essential element of the way blues is played in the modern era. He took the simple structures of Delta blues, sometimes using one and two-chord compositions, but added a fierce, relentless and hypnotically rhythmic approach, underling the rawness of the messages in his songs. He was one of the blues artists who exerted a substantial influence on emerging stars in the rock 'n' roll era, from Bob Dylan through to Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, and his legacy resonates through the rock music of the last half-century. He recorded prolifically under a number of names, but this great value 101-track 4-CD collection focuses on the singles he released under his own name (or in the case of some Chess singles, as John Lee Booker) on the Modern, Chess and VeeJay labels from 1949 through to 1962. It naturally includes his big R&B hits during that period - "Boogie Chillen", "Crawlin' King Snake", "Hobo Blues", "Hoogie Boogie", "I'm In The Mood", "Boom Boom" and "Dimples", some of which have become blues and R&B standards. I...

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      Acrobat Cd - The Singles Collection 1953-62
      The Singles Collection

      Acrobat Cd

      Blues guitarist, singer and songwriter Earl King, a native of New Orleans, was one of the coterie of influential artists who helped create the distinctive style of R&B which characterised the music of the Crescent City, and which, along with the work of other New Orleans artists like Fats Domino and Allen Toussaint provided one of the musical bedrocks for the soul and R&B boom of the '60s. This 41-track 2-CD comprises the A and B sides of just about all of his releases as a solo artist during this first decade of his career, from his debut for the Savoy label in 1953, and including his subsequent releases during this era on the Specialty, Ace, Vin, Rex and Imperial imprints through to 1962, after which there was a hiatus in his recording activities until later in the 60s. It includes his R&B hits Those Lonely, Lonely Nights and Always a First Time, and his classic and much-covered songs Come On and Trick Bag - Come On was later recorded by Jimi Hendrix on his Electric Ladyland album, and other songs of his were covered by the likes of Lee Dorsey, Robert Palmer, The Neville Brothers and Dr. John. This anthology represents a thorough overview of his output during this time, and is a highly entertaining showcase for his distinctive brand of up-front New Orleans R&B.

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        Acrobat Cd - The Hits Collection 1945-62
        The Hits Collection 1945-62

        Acrobat Cd

        Doris Day was one of the most universally popular entertainers of the post-war era on both screen and record. Doris Day was one of the most universally popular entertainers of the post-war era on both screen and record, her stunning good looks and vivacious personality matched by an ability to handle pop songs across the spectrum of the genre, and her talents ensured she had regular chart entries across more than two decades. This great-value 79-track 3-CD set comprises just about all her entries in the Billboard and Cash Box Top 100 charts and in the UK charts through to 1962 and in the UK charts, starting with her hits as the featured vocalist with Les Brown's Orchestra in 1945, followed by her solo hits and a number of hits performing duets with other top singes of the era like Buddy Clark, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Laine, Johnnie Ray and Donald O'Connor. Of the recordings included here, 46 were Top 20 hits, of which 25 made the Top 10, including the No. 1s ''Sentimental Journey'', ''My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time'', ''Love Somebody'', ''A Guy Is a Guy'', ''Secret Love'', ''Que Sera, Sera''. It's not only a fabulous showcase for the talent and versatility of a much-loved artist, but it's an evocative and, dare we say it, sentimental journey through what was truly a gol...

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          Acrobat Cd - The Early Years 1941-45
          The Early Years 1941-45

          Acrobat Cd

          The world of jazz in the post-war era was blessed with some very special female vocalists who have left a legacy of legendary and timeless recordings - Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Peggy Lee, Dinah Washington, among others, readily spring to mind. One name whom many jazz fans will cite among their favourites above even these luminaries is that of Anita O'Day, an artist who perhaps more than any of her contemporaries, stayed true to her jazz roots and resisted the temptation to move towards the middle ground of popular music. Perhaps more than any other jazz singer, she embraced the ethos of bebop and West Coast cool jazz, and shared some of the hard-living characteristics of her musician contemporaries. Her reputation was firmly established during her stints with Gena Krupa and Stan Kenton's Orchestras between 1941 and 1945, and it is this formative era on which this collection focuses. It's a great value 51-track 2-CD set which includes most of the studio sides she recorded with Krupa, and a fair proportion of those she did with Stan Kenton, and includes a few of the 'live' broadcast recordings she made with them. It showcases the development of her talent while working with two of the important orchestras of the swing era, as she honed not only her distinctiv...

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            Acrobat Cd - The Singles Collection 1953-62
            The Singles Collection

            Acrobat Cd

            Julius La Rosa was a traditional pop singer typical of the style prevalent in the early '50s who came to fame on the all-powerful Arthur Godfrey's radio and TV shows, on which he was a regular performer from 1951 to '53. Godfrey's musical director launched the Cadence label in 1953, and La Rosa was the first artist signed to the label, making an immediate impact as two of his first three releases Anywhere I Wander and Eh Cumpari gave him Top 5 US pop hits. He was controversially fired from Godfrey's shows in 1953, but continued as a popular and successful radio and TV performer through the '50s as the pop landscape changed dramatically, continuing to have chart entries up to 1958, including a Top 20 UK hit that year with Torero. This great-value 57-track collection comprises most of the A & B sides of his singles for Cadence and for RCA after he left Cadence in 1955, plus selected A & B sides for the Roulette and Kapp labels between 1958 and 1962, and naturally includes all his career hits in the pop charts, which in addition to those already mentioned include the Top 20 entries Domani, Suddenly There's A Valley and Lipstick & Candy & Rubbersole Shoes. It represents a substantial proportion of his chart-focused output during the core era of his career, and provides an admirable s...

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              Acrobat Cd - Collection 1940-53
              Collection 1940-53

              Acrobat Cd

              Jimmy Wakely was one of the last of the singing cowboys, personalities who combined their appearances in western movies with recording country and western records and appearing on radio and TV on shows like the Grand Ole Opry. His career in both media started in the late '30s, introduced to the big-time by Gene Autry and from 1939 to '59 he appeared in around 60 films. He was equally prolific on record, making his first records for Decca in the early '40s, and having moved to Capitol in the Mid-'40s recording for them through into the '60s. This great-value 84-track 3-CD set comprises selected A & B sides from the most successful era of his career, which encompassed all his fifteen country and pop hits as a solo artists and also the nine pop and country hits he had recording duets with the pop artist Margaret Whiting at the start of the 1950s, all of which made the Top 10 - we feature at least one side from the majority of his releases during these years. His thirteen Top 10 country hits featured here include the No. 1s One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart), I Love You So Much It Hurts as well as his No. 1 with Margaret Whiting Slippin' Around. He was a versatile artist, his style enabling him to transcend the genres with ease, and this is a fine showcase for a major contribut...

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                Acrobat Cd - Singles Collection 1953-62
                Singles Collection 1953-62

                Acrobat Cd

                Jerry Vale was one of the stylish middle-of-the-road pop singers to come to the fore in the early '50s, which was then the heyday of crooners and big-voiced balladeers, when the likes of Perry Como, Eddie Fisher, Tony Bennett and others were having a field day in the charts. He made enough of an impact before the upheaval occasioned by the advent of rock 'n' roll to ensure that as a personable and versatile entertainer he was a popular TV performer for many years as well as becoming a successful album artist. This great-value 54-track 2-CD collection comprises selected A & B sides from the forty or so singles which he recorded for Columbia from his debut in 1953 through to 1962, by which time he had all but one of his Top 50 hits in the US pop charts. The anthology includes at least one side from almost all of his releases, and naturally features all his chart entries from these years, most notably the biggest hit of his career You Don't Know Me from 1956, but also including You Can Never Give Me Back My Heart, Two Purple Shadows, I Live Each Day and Innamorata. He was a polished and versatile performer, readily encompassing a range of pop styles, from dramatic ballads through swinging big band material to post rock 'n' roll and early '60s pop, and this substantial trawl across t...

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                  Acrobat Cd - The Hits Collection 1938-53
                  The Hits Collection 1938-53

                  Acrobat Cd

                  Trumpeter and bandleader Harry James was one of the most important, successful and influential personalities of the swing and big band era, his unmistakeable bravura trumpet style providing an inspiration and benchmark for trumpeters across the jazz and orchestral genres. He was hugely popular on radio, as a 'live' attraction and on record with his music not only appealing to cutting edge jazz and big band enthusiasts, but also, through his recordings of sweeter orchestral material, featuring the many male and female vocalists who launched their careers with his bands, capturing a wider audience to achieve a remarkable string of big-selling hits from his debut as a bandleader in the late '30s right through into the 1950's just before the dawn of the rock 'n' roll era. This great-value 71-track 3-CD set comprises just about all his records which featured in one form or another of the charts during his career, including the few that were listed as being Top 10 hits before the launch of the record sales charts in Billboard in 1940, and those which featured thereafter in one or other of the published Billboard charts or related listings. It naturally includes his No. 1 hits Sleepy Lagoon, I Had The Craziest Dream, I've Heard That Song Before, I'll Get By, I'm Beginning to See the Lig...

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                    Acrobat Cd - 1943-1948

                    Acrobat Cd

                    This first ever CD release for this pioneering Gospel group brings together 30 inspiring examples of early Black Gospel music, complete with comprehensive liner notes from gospel expert Opal Louis Nations and many rare and unseen illustrations. The brothers were an important element in the transition of groups from the close harmony 'jubilee' style popular in the pre war years and the more uninhibited shouting style performances of post war groups. The Brothers also set up their own label to promote the cause and to spread the good word. The original 78s of these tracks are some of the rarest and change hands for substantial amounts of money.

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                      Acrobat Cd

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                      Black Sabbath - A National Acrobat

                      Acrobat Cd

                      I'm not the owner of this song or music in any way. The copyright goes to Black Sabbath and the production company. the lyrics: I am the world that hides The universal secret of all time Destruction of the empty spaces Is my one and only crime I've lived a thousand times I found out what i...

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                      Acrobat Cd

                      Can you believe this contortionist? I couldn't believe what these guys could do. Chinese Acrobatics is an ancient activity, practiced as a family sport to bring pride for the household. I've been on tour across America discovering amazing things so I'm documenting the coolest things I see. http:/...

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