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Automotive Design

Automotive Design - How to Design Cars Like a Pro
How to Design Cars Like a Pro

Automotive Design

This comprehensive new edition of How to Design Cars Like a Pro provides an in-depth look at modern automotive design. Interviews with leading automobile designers from Ford, BMW, GM Jaguar, Nissan and others, analyses of past and present trends, studies of individual models and concepts, and much more combine to reveal the fascinating mix of art and science that goes into creating automobiles. This book is a must-have for professional designers, as well as for automotive enthusiasts.

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    Automotive Design - Performance Automotive Engine Math (Sa Design-Pro)
    Performance Automotive Engine Math (Sa

    Automotive Design

    All the parts within any engine are designed and engineered using the appropriate mathematics to function efficiently and be durable. When discussing high-performance automotive engines, a specific set of math formulas are used to develop and design powerplants to make more power at higher rpm levels and still survive. The various forms of motorsport and street use all have different requirements, but the math used to design engines to be competitive does not change, regardless of the specific discipline. Multi-time author and well-regarded performance engine builder/designer John Baechtel has assembled the relevant mathematics and packaged it all together in a book designed for automotive enthusiasts. This book walks readers through the complete engine, showcasing the methodology required to define each specific parameter, and how to translate the engineering math to the hard measurements reflected in various engine parts. Designing the engine to work as a system of related components is no small task, but the ease with which Baechtel escorts the reader through the process makes this book perfect for both the budding engine enthusiast and the professional builder. Author Baechtel's experience and writing capabilities shine in Performance Automotive Engine Math, and this book wil...

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    • Book, "Performance Automotive Engine Math", 160 Pages, Paperback, Each
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    Automotive Design - Vehicle Design: Aesthetic Principles in Transportation Design
    Vehicle Design: Aesthetic Principles in Transportation

    Automotive Design

    Vehicle Design guides readers through the methods and processes designers use to create and develop some of the most stunning vehicles on the road. Written by Jordan Meadows, a designer who worked on the 2015 Ford Mustang, the book contains interviews with design directors at firms including Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Hyundai Motor Group, and Ford Motor Company, amongst other professionals. Case studies from Ford, Mazda, and Jeep illustrate the production process from research to execution with more than 245 color behind-the-scenes images in order to help readers create vehicles drivers will cherish.

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      Automotive Design - Speed Read Car Design
      Speed Read Car Design

      Automotive Design

      There’s so much more to car design than simply looking good. Speed Read: Car Design beaks down every element a team accounts for when designing vehicles. People have never been more broadly aware of design as a concept and how it fits into their everyday lives. Even the simplest of consumer products compete to offer something that will better catch the public’s eye and reflect the taste and perceived lifestyle of each individual. Like all design, car design is complex subject. It's one in which many people have an interest--and not just gearheads. Every part of a car represents myriad decisions by the design team ruled by engineering, aesthetics, human interface, and emotion. Speed Read: Car Design helps the reader understand the hows and whys of that design process, offering an engaging review of history, theory, key concepts, and key designers. It’s a book for car enthusiasts, design fans, and anyone with a desire to better understand why our wheeled world looks the way it does.

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        Automotive Design - Race Car Design
        Race Car Design

        Automotive Design

        Based on the principles of engineering science, physics and mathematics, but assuming only an elementary understanding of these, this textbook masterfully explains the theory and practice of the subject.   Bringing together key topics, including the chassis frame, suspension, steering, tyres, brakes, transmission, lubrication and fuel systems, this is the first text to cover all the essential elements of race car design in one student-friendly textbook.  It avoids the pitfalls of being either too theoretical and mathematical, or else resorting to approximations without explanation of the underlying theory.  Where relevant, emphasis is placed on the important role that computer tools play in the modern design process. This book is intended for motorsport engineering students and is the best possible resource for those involved in Formula Student/FSAE. It is also a valuable guide for practising car designers and constructors, and enthusiasts.

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          Automotive Design - Chassis Engineering: Chassis Design, Building & Tuning for High Performance Handling
          Chassis Engineering: Chassis Design, Building & Tuning for High Performance

          Automotive Design

          In most forms of racing, cornering speed is the key to winning. On the street, precise and predictable handling is the key to high performance driving. However, the art and science of engineering a chassis can be difficult to comprehend, let alone apply. Chassis Engineering explains the complex principles of suspension geometry and chassis design in terms the novice can easily understand and apply to any project. Hundreds of photos and illustrations illustrate what it takes to design, build, and tune the ultimate chassis for maximum cornering power on and off the track.

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          • Chassis Engineering
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          Automotive Design - How to Illustrate and Design Concept Cars: New Edition
          How to Illustrate and Design Concept Cars: New

          Automotive Design

          Automobiles capture the imagination as much as ever, and now is your chance to learn to design your own! Using simple, step-by-step instructions, this book guides you from pencil sketch to marker rendering; from doodle to computer generated artwork. Adrian Dewey has worked on designs as diverse as small sports cars to double decker buses, modified motors to concept Formula 1 cars, and is an expert in a variety techniques and styles of design. In this book, he uses his knowledge of the different styles to guide the reader in creating great artwork and designs of their own. You will learn in detail how to use different materials, and how to get the most out of each one, whether it be a pencil sketch or a photo realistic vector illustration.

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            Automotive Design - The Art of Race Car Design
            The Art of Race Car Design

            Automotive Design

            After building his first race cars out of southern Louisiana junkyards, Bob Riley quickly established himself as a leading light, if not genius, when it came to race car design. His first major suspension design helped Henry Ford II make good on his vendetta to beat Enzo Ferrari at Le Mans. Riley's first radical Indy car designs with its ingenious center hub mounted suspension resulted in A.J. Foyt's landmark fourth victory at the Indianapolis 500 in 1977. Since then, Riley has continued to be at the heart of the world of motorsports, working with its most famous drivers at the biggest events, including the Daytona 500, where his engineering helped Dale Earnhardt finally win NASCAR's marquee event.Americans love the "genius" angle like everyone else. They love winners. Sports stars are overtaking Hollywood these days in popularity. Racing readers are a small but predictable group and suspect the generation familiar with Bob's exploits at Indy would be keen on a book like this. They're the same age group pumping up the vintage magazine market and the collectible car market.

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              Automotive Design - Automobile Design Graphics (French Edition)
              Automobile Design Graphics (French

              Automotive Design

              In the heyday of the automobile, marketing cars was an exacting process. Selling the public one of their major life purchases involved not only traditional advertising but also a crucial item that extolled the virtue of the cars: the brochure. Often oversize and sumptuously produced, including acetate overlays with fabric and paint swatches, brochures were only available at dealer showrooms or auto fairs―hence specimens of antique and vintage car brochures are rare collector’s items today.Frequently overlooked in design and automotive histories, this ephemera offers a lucid mirror image of tastes, consumerism, and buying habits since the dawn of the automobile. Automobile Design Graphics presents for the first time a comprehensive overview of this mostly forgotten breed of collateral advertising. From the most obscure (Tucker, Ajax, Columbia) to the most iconic (General Motors, Ford, Chrysler), the visual history brings together over 500 reproductions from these rare and collectible customer brochures. Across eight decades, they present not only some of the finest cars, but also some of the best illustration and graphic design of the 20th century.Ancillary examples of automotive literature, including the elaborate dealer manuals are also featured, alongside essays by automobi...

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                Automotive Design - Damsels in Design: Women Pioneers in the Automotive Industry, 1939-1959
                Damsels in Design: Women Pioneers in the Automotive Industry,

                Automotive Design

                In the mid-1950s, an innovative group of women at General Motors (dubbed the Damsels of Design by marketers) and their counterparts at Ford, Hudson, Studebaker, Packard, and Tucker changed automotive history forever. Read the untold story of the women who excelled in the Mad Men era of automobile and industrial design. Recruited by top CEOs at automotive companies, they developed many of the products we take for granted today. Learn about Helene Rother, who designed the instrument panel, hardware, and seat construction for midcentury Cadillacs; Elizabeth Thatcher Oros, the first female trained in industrial design; and discover the history behind the child safety seat latch and car doors with lights. An extraordinary story of exceptional women, Damsels in Design sheds light on those who have too long been in the shadows.

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                  Automotive Design at UWTSD Swansea College of Art

                  Automotive Design

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                  How To Get Into A Car Design School

                  Automotive Design

                  In this video, I will go over everything that someone must do in order to get into a car design school.

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                  What Goes into Designing a Concept Car?

                  Automotive Design

                  Find out what goes on behind the scenes as SEAT designers create the 20V20 concept car. Full story:

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