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Flirt Lashes

Flirt Lashes - Eyelash Stapler with 45 Fake Eye Lash Buds - Fake Lashes Tool To Make Applying Mini False Eyelashes Easy -Best Valentine Day's Gift - No More Tweezers - Perfect For Women & Teens
Eyelash Stapler with 45 Fake Eye Lash Buds - Fake Lashes Tool To Make Applying Mini False Eyelashes Easy -Best Valentine Day's Gift - No More Tweezers - Perfect For

Flirt Lashes

ARE YOU TIRED OF SPENDING HOURS GETTING THOSE PERFECT LASHES? DO YOU WANT AN EASIER WAY TO APPLY LASHES AND STYLE THEM THE WAY YOU WANT? DO YOU WANT TO STYLE YOUR LASHES ON THE GO WITHOUT HAVING TO CAN ARSENAL OF COSMETICS? IF YES, THEN OUR FAKE LASHES TOOL IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO MAKE APPLYING FAKE EYELASHES SIMPLE, FAST AND EFFORTLESS! Get instant sexy, flirty and bold eyelashes without the hassle or long prep time with our Eyelash Stapler with 45 Fake Eye Lash Buds. This fake eyelash is unlike anything you've ever even heard of before this truly is instant glamour on the go. There is absolutely no need to use tweezers or spend hours prepping the lashes. Simply use the Eyelash Stapler to Roll, Lock, Glue, Apply & Release and you'll have a lush a glamorous eyelash attached in no time. It truly is that simple. Thanks to its lightweight and durable design, it can easily be carried in your bag without adding any bulk. This makes for the perfect gift for any fashion diva friend or family that want their lashes to look absolutely stunning at times. The lashes once applied can easily be removed by applying some oil-based makeup remover and they'll come right off! It's simple, it's effective and it WORKS! Click on the ADD TO CART button now and order our false lash applicator for s...

  • THE STYLE YOU WANT: Whether you're going for a sweet and playful look or for a more aggressive bad girl look, this Fake Eyelash Stapler will instantly help you style your lashes to give you the look you want but be careful though, with lashes this good you'll be breaking more than a few hearts!
  • THE RIGHT FIT: Our Eyelash Stapler is engineered to dispense lashes of the same size every time without exception to give your lashes that even look and allowing you full freedom to style them the way you want to go out and conquer hearts or to just feel confident knowing you look absolutely fabulous.
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: This incredible fake eyelash applicator weighs only 45g (2 ounces) making it perfect for on the go use. It's durable enough to last you a long time. Simply through it your handbag and go about your day like always and use it whenever you want eyelashes that'll make anyone fall in love!
  • SIMPLE & EFFICIENT: Having to use tweezers doesn't only just consume a lot of time but is also downright annoying! Stop wasting time and use this hassle-free Eyelash Stapler. It dispenses eyelashes with glue applied to the buds and lets you easily apply the lashes any way you want. It comes free with 45 pieces of fake eye lashes for your convenience. (Glue not included)
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our customers are our top priority, always have been and always will be. Each purchase is backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction warranty because that's how confident we are that you'll absolutely love this Eyelash Stapler with Eye Lash Buds. Click on the "Add To Cart" button to order this ground breaking and innovative product today.
  • Brand: Thermidor
  • ASIN: B07FTFB914
  • UPC: 729270838426
  • Part No: unknown
Flirt Lashes - Wet N Wild Fergie Fringe Siganture Faux Lashes-Flirt, (Pack of 2)
Wet N Wild Fergie Fringe Siganture Faux Lashes-Flirt, (Pack of

Flirt Lashes

    • ASIN: B00UABP3OW
    • UPC: 077802341167
    • Part No: 1
    Flirt Lashes - Eyelash Stapler with 45 Fake Individual Lash Buds Clusters False Eyelash Applicator Tweezers Dispenser Tool With Latex-Free Lash Glue
    Eyelash Stapler with 45 Fake Individual Lash Buds Clusters False Eyelash Applicator Tweezers Dispenser Tool With Latex-Free Lash

    Flirt Lashes

    Includes latex-free super hold brush on lash glue. Lash glue is whites dries clear. Eyelash Material: Fiber Eyelash Length: approx. 1CM Contains 45 cluster false eyelashes (a cluster of three bundles) This product false eyelash width are very moderate, not too long will not be too short, can be a good fit your upper and lower eyelids. First in the root position gently applied to a layer of eyelash glue can be, and then placed on the eyelid position, less than a second to complete the paste, is a magic to save the lazy tool. Material:ABS. Color:As the picture show. How to use: Plush the wheel: scroll the wheel until you see the false eyelashes. Locking: when the false eyelashes were pushed out halfway, press the button to fix the false eyelash.

    • Individual Lashes
    • Lash Dispenser
    • Latex-Free Lash Glue
    • Brand: Milanté BEAUTY
    • ASIN: B07ND3T4CW
    • UPC: 680243770085
    • Part No: 680243770085
    Flirt Lashes - NYX Wicked Lashes Flirt
    NYX Wicked Lashes Flirt

    Flirt Lashes

    NYX Wicked Lashes Flirt

      • Brand: NYX
      • ASIN: B00PJ5IXT6
      • UPC: 800897830724
      • Part No: -
      Flirt Lashes - Missamé FLIRT Deluxe Party False Eyelashes Set Handmade with Premium Synthetic Fibers, Black, 1 Pair
      Missamé FLIRT Deluxe Party False Eyelashes Set Handmade with Premium Synthetic Fibers, Black, 1

      Flirt Lashes

      Natural - Lightweight and the least dense in volume, these are designed to look the most natural. The slight criss cross and the thickness of the hair is just like your own. These are ideal for first time wearer. They work best with small eyes and those who are just looking to fill in gaps and enhance their own thickness. Coy - This style features a mix of long and short strands in medium density. Short hair at the inner corner gradually becomes longer at the outer corner. This is a great one to try if you need something a tad bolder than the Natural style. Envy - A cluster style, criss crossed in an unique v-shape, this too-cool design is medium in density. It elongates the eye and adds volume without being overly dramatic. Flirt - With hair at various lengths, this design gives you a boost in lengh that looks natural. These are medium to high in density. Frisky - Glam me up! Crisscrossed hair and winged outer corner will make any look sexy. This high density style is not for the timid. Sultry (premium style) - This style has small tight clusters in two layers that gives you lots of volume. These high density babies are great for adding thickness and plenty of drama. Diva (premium style) - Want big, round dramatic looking eyes that pop? This style features naturally shorte...

      • Our taper tips mimic your natural hair. Other brands with human hair or nylon made ones have cut blunt tips. Ours are made with good quality synthetic fibers. It is hygienic, cruelty free and LOOKS LIKE NATURAL HAIR.
      • We use cotton bands just like those celebrity mink lashes. It is more flexible than clear plastic band and it is EASIER TO APPLY to eyelids.
      • Softer band does not irritate corners of the eyes. They are easy to use. First time users will get a hang of it quickly. The Natural style is similar to wispies and it WON'T FEEL HEAVY ON LIDS.
      • Hair will not fall apart with repeated use, which means you will save money. Less cost per use makes frequent wears MORE AFFORDABLE.
      • Please purchase lash glue separately if you do not own one, it is not included in this package. MULTIPACK OF EACH STYLE IS AVAILABLE. Bulk purchase is ideal for dancers, salon use, or MUAs. Unleash your inner goddess! Check out other styles Natural, Coy, Envy, Flirt, Frisky, Sultry or Diva.
      • Brand: Missamé
      • ASIN: B01FGVI1V2
      • UPC: 634894934570
      • Part No: FL-BLK-SYN
      Flirt Lashes - PÜR Pro Eyelashes, Flirt
      PÜR Pro Eyelashes, Flirt

      Flirt Lashes

      PÜR Pro Eyelashes were curated with celebrity makeup artist Mélanie Viger @MUAVEE to bring the best industry knowledge to our lash development. PÜR’s 3D lashes are handcrafted with the finest luxury silk to provide ultra-lightweight, natural-looking fuller lashes. These cruelty-free lashes are durable, reusable and safe for contact wearers.

        • Color: Flirt
        • Brand: PÜR
        • ASIN: B07FTCM97M
        • UPC: 847137028305
        • Part No: Pur-847137028305
        Flirt Lashes - Tarte PRO Cruelty-Free False Lashes (Flirt - lightweight, wispy lashes add flirty length)
        Tarte PRO Cruelty-Free False Lashes (Flirt - lightweight, wispy lashes add flirty

        Flirt Lashes

        Tarte PRO Cruelty-Free False Lashes (Flirt - lightweight, wispy lashes add flirty length)

          • Brand: Tarte
          • ASIN: B075BT1YK5
          Flirt Lashes - BH Cosmetics False Eyelashes, Flirt
          BH Cosmetics False Eyelashes,

          Flirt Lashes

          Create a sexy, dramatic look! You'll fall in love with this irresistible False Eyelashes Flirt from BH Cosmetics, they add length, volume and fullness to your eyes while still looking natural. BH Cosmetics offers quality professional makeup products at amazing prices! It includes glue with each set

          • This product is Natural looking
          • This product is Adds length, fullness & volume
          • This product is Glue is included
          • Color: Flirt
          • Brand: BHCosmetics
          • ASIN: B00N1UOQ3I
          • UPC: 849953003955
          • Part No: 849953003955
          Flirt Lashes - L.A. COLORS Dramatilash False Lash Kit - Little Flirt!
          L.A. COLORS Dramatilash False Lash Kit - Little

          Flirt Lashes

          What it is: Add intense drama or a touch of flirty playfulness to eyes with Dramatilash Collections newest additions. What it does: The "Fantasy Sexy" kit includes 5 pairs of boldly dramatic false lashes for a more intense look while our sophisticated "Little Flirt" kit includes a more demure everyday variety of false lashes to take your look from subtle to chic in seconds! What else you need to know: Includes lash adhesive as an added bonus. Remove lashes gently from tray. Trim if necessary. Apply a thin line of adhesive along the band. Position lash to the base of your natural lashes. Gently press from the middle of the eye to the corners and along the band to secure. Apply mascara if desired. To Remove : Gently Peel Starting at the outer corner. Place lashes back on tray to keep shape for re-use.

            • Brand: LA Colors
            • ASIN: B00LDTSLF8
            • UPC: 081555741983
            • Part No: lac02-little-flirt
            Flirt Lashes - Urban Beauty United Lash App False Eyelash Applicator
            Urban Beauty United Lash App False Eyelash

            Flirt Lashes

            False eyelash applicator. Forget the fear, the lash app is here. Omg ladies, you won't believe how easy applying falsies is with these tiny tongs, soft molded tongs for perfect lash application. Easy to grip, align and apply false eyelashes. Comes with a step-by-step usage guide.

            • Soft molded tongs for perfect lash application
            • Easy to grip, align and apply false eyelashes
            • Comes with a step-by-step usage guide
            • Brand: Urban Beauty United
            • ASIN: B00HE88FVW
            • Part No: 56120-039-0

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            Flirt Lashes

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            Flirt Lashes

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