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Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - Kriegsmarine U-Boats 1939-45 (Essential Identification Guide)
Kriegsmarine U-Boats 1939-45 (Essential Identification

Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

Although Germany had lost her fleet at the end of Word War I, by 1939 she had built up a formidable force of modern vessels. It was the Kriegsmarine’s submarines – the U-boats – that were to prove the most effective and deadly arm of the German navy in World War II. Built to harass Allied shipping, the U-boat ‘wolfpacks’ almost succeeding in bringing Britain to her knees in their campaign to restrict supplies and materiel from crossing the Atlantic. By the end of 1942, their most successful year, U-boats had sunk 1664 vessels – 7.26 million tonnes of shipping. Illustrated with detailed artworks of German U-boats, Kriegsmarine U-Boats 1939–45 is a comprehensive guide to the submarine arm of the German navy in World War II. Divided by flotilla, this book offers a complete organizational breakdown of U-boat units, from the beginning of the war in the North Atlantic through to last days of the Reich. Each chapter includes a compact history of the U-boat flotilla’s role and impact on the course of the conflict, as well as unit markings, orders of battle, lists of commanders and numbers of kills. Every type of German submarine is featured. Each submarine profile is accompanied by specifications, as well as details of unit markings. Packed with profiles of every major ty...

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    Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - Warship Pictorial No. 27 - Kriegsmarine Type VII U-Boats
    Warship Pictorial No. 27 - Kriegsmarine Type VII

    Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

    Book by Steve Wiper

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      Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - Shadow over the Atlantic: The Luftwaffe and the U-boats: 1943-45
      Shadow over the Atlantic: The Luftwaffe and the U-boats:

      Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

      German U-boats were the scourge of Allied merchant and military shipping in the Atlantic during World War II, threatening to isolate and then starve the UK out of the War. As Germany's war against the Allied convoys intensified in late 1943, German Admiral Karl Dönitz called upon the Luftwaffe to provide a long-range spotting and shadowing unit to act as 'eyes' for his U-boats. Equipped with big, four-engined Junkers Ju 290s fitted out with advanced search radar and other maritime 'ELINT' (electronic intelligence) devices, Fernaufklärungsgruppe (FAGr) 5 'Atlantik' undertook a distant, isolated campaign far out into the Atlantic and thousands of miles away from its home base in western France. The information generated and reported back to Dönitz's headquarters was vital to the efforts of the U-boats, and FAGr 5's 'shadowing' missions were assigned priority in terms of skilled crews, supplies and equipment.This book tells for the first time the fascinating story of the formation and operations of FAGr 5 'Atlantik', drawing on never-before-published historical records of the unit that accounted for the reporting and destruction of thousands of tons of Allied shipping.

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        Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - Operation Drumbeat: Germany's U-Boat Attacks Along the American Coast in World War II
        Operation Drumbeat: Germany's U-Boat Attacks Along the American Coast in World War

        Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

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          Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - The Type II U-boat (Super Drawings in 3D)
          The Type II U-boat (Super Drawings in

          Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

          The Type II U-boat - The latest book in Super Drawings in 3D series presents a brief description of the German Type II coastal submarines along with their general characteristics. Since "an image can speak a thousand words", the text is accompanied by 160 renderings which show the external appearance of all four sub-types including details such as various conning towers and armament variants as well as other fittings. Blueprints of the four sub-types in 1:144 scale (general and isometric views) are included on a separate sheet. This publication is an invaluable help to any modeler interested in building a replica of any of the Type II submarines.

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            Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - The VIIC Type U-Boot (Super Drawings in 3D)
            The VIIC Type U-Boot (Super Drawings in

            Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

            The type VIIC was a slightly modified version of the successful VIIB. They had basically the same engine layout and power, but were slightly larger and heavier which made them not quite as fast as the VIIB. 5 torpedo tubes (4 at the bow and one at the stern) were installed in all but the following boats; only two bow tubes (U-72, U-78, U-80, U-554 and U-555) and no stern tube (U-203, U-331, U-351, U-401, U-431 and U-651).The VIIC was the workhorse of the German U-boat force in World War Two from 1941 onwards and boats of this type were being built throughout the war. The first VIIC boat being commissioned was the U-69 in 1940. The VIIC was an effective fighting machine and was seen in almost all areas where the U-boat force operated although their range was not as great as the one of the larger IX types.The VIIC came into service as the "Happy Days" were almost over and it was this boat that faced the final defeat to the Allied anti-submarine campaign in late 1943 and 1944.Perhaps the most famous VIIC boat was the U-96 which is featured in the movie Das Boot, other noticeable boats were the U-flak boats. Many of these boats were fitted with the Schnorkel in 1944-1945. This design saw one more improvement in the type VIIC/41 boat.The larger mine-laying type VIID was a direct varia...

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              Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - German Submarine U-462: German Type XIV Submarine, U- Boat, Kriegsmarine, World War II, Deutsche Werke
              German Submarine U-462: German Type XIV Submarine, U- Boat, Kriegsmarine, World War II, Deutsche

              Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

              Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. German submarine U-462 was a Type XIV supply and replenishment U-boat ("Milchkuh") of the of the German Kriegsmarine during World War II. Her keel was laid down on 2 January 1941, by Deutsche Werke of Kiel. She was commissioned on 5 March 1942 with Oberleutnant zur See Bruno Vowe in command. Vowe commanded the boat until she was lost.

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                Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - Black May: The Epic Story of the Allies' Defeat of the German U-Boats in May 1943
                Black May: The Epic Story of the Allies' Defeat of the German U-Boats in May

                Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

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                  Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - Steel and Ice: The U-Boat Battle in the Arctic and Black Sea 1941-45
                  Steel and Ice: The U-Boat Battle in the Arctic and Black Sea

                  Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

                  The U-boat war against Russia was as fierce and unrelenting as the land war that raged along the Eastern Front between 1941 and 1945. From Wolf Pack attacks on Russian convoy traffic and military vessels to close-quarter combat undertaken by small U-boats transported by land and river to the Black Sea, the Kriegsmarine wrestled for control of the seas fringing an embattled Soviet Union.Previously untold in English, Lawrence Paterson explores the tremendous clash between the Kriegsmarine’s U-boats and the Red Navy – a struggle that lasted from the opening salvos of Operation Barbarossa to the final chaotic days of Germany’s defeat. Containing rare colour and black-and-white illustrations, this fascinating book is one that no one interested in the Second World War should be without.

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                    Kriegsmarine U-boat Type - Günther Prien and U-47: The Bull of Scapa Flow: From the Sinking of HMS Royal Oak to the Battle of the Atlantic
                    Günther Prien and U-47: The Bull of Scapa Flow: From the Sinking of HMS Royal Oak to the Battle of the

                    Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

                    On the night of 13/14 October 1939, the Type VIIB U-boat U-47, on its second War Patrol, penetrated the main Royal Navy base at Scapa Flow and sank the British battleship HMS Royal Oak. This legendary attack is remembered as one of the most audacious raids in the history of submarine warfare.Laid down on 25 February 1937, and entering service in December 1938 under the command of Oberleutnant zur See, later Kapitänleutnant Günther Prien, after sinking HMS Royal Oak both Prien and his famous U-boat were known thereafter as ‘The Bull of Scapa Flow’. During a lavish celebration in Berlin to mark the sinking of HMS Royal Oak, the crew members of U-47 were received by Adolf Hitler. For his part, Prien received the Knight’s Cross, becoming the first U-boat officer and only the second member of the Kriegsmarine to receive this decoration.Still under Prien’s command, U-47 returned to sea on 16 November 1939. Over the months that followed, U-47 went on to complete a total of ten war patrols. During these, Prien and his crew sank a total of thirty-one Allied ships and damaged eight more, making it one of the most successful U-boats of the Second World War.As a central figure in the Battle of the Atlantic, Prien was consistently at the heart of events until he was lost on board U-...

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                      How U-boats decimated Allied Convoys - Wolfpack & U-Boat Tactics

                      Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

                      German Wolfpack and U-boat Tactics during the Second World War posed a serious threat to Allied shipping in the Battle of the Atlantic. This video explores the concept of wolfpack tactics and also how individual submarines of the Kriegsmarine attacked merchant shipping. »» SUPPORT MHV «« » patre...

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                      The U Boat - The Best Documentary Ever

                      Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

                      Please Like Share and Subscribe! Hitlers Secret Weapons: The German U Boat Documentary - Films U-boat is the anglicised version of the German word U-Boot, a minimizing of Unterseeboot, . They were Hitlers most feared weapon - submarines that attacked in coordinated wolf-like groups. This ho...

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                      U-Boat Tribute Kriegsmarine World War 2 Hitler`s Germany Das Boot Adolf Hitler

                      Kriegsmarine U-boat Type

                      German U-Boats Crews and Commanders (Join Us) Adolf Hitler The Show must go on.War is Hell. During the war the U-boats sank about 2,779 ships for a total of about 14,000,000 tons GRT. This figure is rough...

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