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Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - Silicone Baking Mats Set of 3 - 2 Half Sheets Cookie Cooking Mat + 1 Quarter Sheet Liner - 100% Nonstick Food Safe Silicon - Perfect for Pastry/Macaron/Bread/Dough Rolling - Reusable Oven Pan Liners
Silicone Baking Mats Set of 3 - 2 Half Sheets Cookie Cooking Mat + 1 Quarter Sheet Liner - 100% Nonstick Food Safe Silicon - Perfect for Pastry/Macaron/Bread/Dough Rolling -

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

Bake All Your Favorite Cookies, Pastry & Pies Without Having To Waste Your Time Scrubbing! If you are looking for a set of kitchen multipurpose silicon baking sheets nonstick that will pass the test of time, help you bake your favorite delights and make cleaning up a breeze, then you should look no further! Presenting The KPKitchen Ultimate 100% Silicone Heat Resistant, Non-Stick Baking Sheets 3-Pack! Now you don't have to settle for all those cheaply-made cooking sheets supplies or expensive parchment paper or aluminum foil any more, since our nonstick silicone baking mats are here to take all the hassle out of baking your family's favorite cookies and bagels! Why Choose The KPKitchen Silicone Cookie Sheets? Non-Stick Design - save your time and effort, since the nonstick coating will prevent food from sticking! Heavy-Duty Construction - our oven sheets are dishwasher, oven, freezer and microwave-safe! Bake Healthy Foods - no need to add extra butter or cooking oil thanks to the nonstick surface! Super-Easy To Clean - just slip them in your dishwasher and you're good to go! No scrubbing for you! 100% Silicone - unlike cheap alternatives that have fillers, which smell horribly and ruin your mats. The Perfect Gift For Every Pro Or Amateur Pastry Chef! Spoil your girlfriend, ...

  • PREMIUM NON STICK BAKING MATS FOR LESS TIME SCRUBBING and more time enjoying your cookies! Our silicon baking sheets nonstick are made from 100% European LFGB-grade silicone, which is not only nonstick, non toxic & BPA free, but also contains no fillers. As a result, you don't ever have to worry about your cilicone dab mats drying out, shrinking, buckling, cracking, or warping!
  • GET YOUR 3 PACK OF NON-STICK BAKING MATS TODAY 100% RISK-FREE! If you are not 100% satisfied with your reusable, convenient, and practical cookie sheet liner for baking, we promise to offer you a full refund on-the-spot! That's our LIFETIME baking pad sets guarantee!
  • DON'T WORRY! OUR SILICONE OVEN SHEETS CAN ENDURE ANY ABUSE, so you can easily slip them in your freezer, microwave, oven or dishwasher without any worries! The KPKitchen sturdy silicone cookie sheets can withstand temperatures ranging from -40°F to 480°F without skipping a beat!
  • ⭐️PR1ME DAY FLASH SALE -- Want to Save an EXTRA 10% TODAY Only? Use Coupon Code at checkout: PRIMEKP6. Limited Stock! Expires Today!⭐️ TAKE ALL THE FUSS OUT OF BAKING YOUR FAVORITE PASTRY OR COOKIES with the KPKitchen premium silicone baking mat set (2 x half-sheet baking mats (16.5'' x 11 5/8'') and 1 x quarter-sheet silicone mat (11.5'' x 8.5'')), which is specifically designed to help you bake all your delicious cakes, pies, macarons and cookies without any hassle whatsoever!
  • SURPRISE YOUR LOVED ONES WITH A SPECIAL HOUSEWARMING GIFT! Does your wife or husband love baking, but hates cleaning up? Does your mom or dad like baking cookies or microwaving brownies? Offer them the flexible and heavy-duty silicon baking liners for baking 3- pack today and make their lives easier!
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: KPKitchen
  • ASIN: B07H1X9QD9
  • Part No: 7539754464
Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - Rozotti Silicone Baking Mat Bundle (6-Piece Set) 2 Half Sheets Silicone Baking Mat and 2 Quarter Sheets Silicone Baking Mat, Silicone Baking Brush, Silicone Baking Spatula | Non-Stick, Heat-Resistant
Rozotti Silicone Baking Mat Bundle (6-Piece Set) 2 Half Sheets Silicone Baking Mat and 2 Quarter Sheets Silicone Baking Mat, Silicone Baking Brush, Silicone Baking Spatula | Non-Stick,

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

Silicone Baking Mat Bundle. Enjoy cooking healthier, more delicious meals with silicone baking mats and utensil accessories designed for the modern home. When it comes to your kitchen, you want to prepare delicious foods that are also good for you and your family; something that's much tougher when you're covering your wax paper or aluminum in high volumes of fat, lard, oil, or butter. That's why we created this versatile Rozotti Silicone Baking Mat Bundle that comes with everything you need to create decadent meals with a whole lot less calories. Flexible, Durable, and Designed for Good Food These silicone baking mats can be used to make all your favorite foods, including cookies, meats, vegetables, and so much more. And because they're oven and microwave safe, you'll be able to use them (and your new silicone spatula) with all your old recipes and any new ones you find on Pinterest! Easy to Clean and Maintain When you're finished, use the included silicone cleaning brush to give them a quick clean and then simply put them in the dishwasher! Product Details: Silicone Baking Mat Bundle (6-Piece Set) Reusable, Easy to Clean Ecofriendly, BPA Free Non-Stick, Food-Grade Safe Heat Resistant: -40°F to 500°F Microwave and Dishwasher Safe FDA and LFGB Certified Mats Satisf...

  • SILICONE BAKING MAT Bundle - Complete Cooking & Baking Set. This multipurpose cookware bundle comes with two half and two quarter-sized silicone cooking sheets, a silicone cleaning brush, and a silicone spatula; everything you need to prep, cook, serve, and enjoy!
  • SILICONE BAKING MAT - Smarter, Healthier Cooking. Silicone is not only more flexible, durable, and longer-lasting, it's non-stick, which means you can cook without adding fat, butter or oils. This ensures healthier, more delicious meals great for the whole family.
  • Food-Grade Safe Silicone - Each silicone baking sheet and utensil is non-stick, ecofriendly, BPA free and completely reusable. The mats are also FDA and LFGB certified to ensure high-quality support you can trust with every meal.
  • Silicone Baking Mat Bundle is Microwave & Dishwasher Safe - These reusable silicone baking mats are heat resistant from -40°F to 500°F, making them safe for the oven, stove, microwave, and even the dishwasher. This makes cleaning up quick and easy.
  • Rozotti Guarantee - Every product we create is backed by unsurpassed craftsmanship, quality, and reliability. In fact, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure your total happiness with Silicone Baking Mat Bundle from start to finish.
  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Rozotti Silicone Baking Mat
  • ASIN: B0785DLH5J
  • UPC: 723540875920
  • Part No: Rozotti Silicone Baking Mat Bundle
Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - GRIDMANN Pro Silicone Baking Mat - Set of 2 Non-Stick Half Sheet (16-1/2
GRIDMANN Pro Silicone Baking Mat - Set of 2 Non-Stick Half Sheet (16-1/2" x 11-5/8") Food Safe Tray Pan

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

These non-stick, premium food-grade silicone baking mats are the only items missing from completing your dream kitchen, transforming everyday baking and roasting into a convenient, healthy, and cost-effective experience. Flexible, lay-flat design is highly durable and extremely versatile. Simply place this BPA Free baking mat (measuring 16-1/2 by 11-5/8 inches each) directly onto any half-sheet pan or sheet and stick into the oven, up to 480 degrees F. Providing improved air circulation and even, consistent heat transfer, these silicone baking mats help ensure perfect results, including golden-brown breads, fluffy cakes, juicy roasts, crisp yet tender vegetables, and much more. Save time and money with these handy, reusable mats. They replace the need for butter, grease, oils, and sprays, as well as costly parchment paper and disposable aluminum foil, cutting calories and waste. Non-stick surfaces wipes clean easily to eliminate scouring baked-on foods, spills, and messes from traditional baking pans and sheets. Also dishwasher-safe (top rack only). They are even tough enough to be used with any of your favorite baking tools, including metal spatulas or utensils (serrated edges not recommended). Not be used in direct-fire ovens. Gridmann is your trusted source for profession...

  • PREMIUM QUALITY DESIGN: Made from durable, flexible, food-grade silicone that is oven-safe to 480 degrees F, this two-pack set of baking mats provides the ultimate convenient and healthy way to upgrade baking and roasting. Turn any half-sheet pan into a non-stick surface, eliminating fattening oils, grease, messy sprays, and expensive parchment paper for clean, effortless food removal without waste, hassle, or extra calories.
  • BETTER BAKED GOODS: Designed for use in all types of ovens (except direct-fire ovens), these professional-grade (BPA Free) mats can be used with pans or sheets to improve overall heat distribution and air circulation, for even and consistent results, with no burned or undercooked spots.
  • REUSABLE & ECONOMICAL: These eco-friendly, non-stick mats can be used again and again, therefore saving money on sprays, oils, and butter plus parchment paper, aluminum foil, and other standard pan and sheet preparation materials, as well as eliminating waste after use.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE: The baking options are nearly endless with these handy non-stick mats, including cookies, sticky caramels, gooey bread, or even baked fish. They are a baker's dream at preventing messes, catching drips and spill-over from bubbling casseroles or pies. These mats are also resilient enough to handle metal spatulas or utensils without damage (avoiding serrated edges), unlike other pans and baking sheets prone to scratches and wear.
  • EASY-TO-CLEAN: Forget about scrubbing baked-on foods, and save time and effort with these non-stick mats that wipe clean quickly and easily with soap and water. Also dishwasher safe (top rack only).
  • Color: Brown
  • Brand: GRIDMANN
  • UPC: 842364101234
  • Part No: KITCH-MAT-SB12_02
Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat Sheet, Set of 2
AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat Sheet, Set of

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

An Amazon Brand.

  • 2 non-stick silicone baking mats for easy and convenient baking
  • No need for oil, cooking sprays, or parchment paper
  • Oven-safe up to 480 degrees F
  • Fits half-sheet size pans; easy to clean
  • Each baking mat measures approximately 11.6x16.5 inches (LxW)
  • Color: Standard
  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • ASIN: B0725GYNG6
  • UPC: 880325805135
  • Part No: AOKE-0606
Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - Silicone Baking Mats - Set of 3 - Baking Mats Non Stick Silicone BPA free with Measurements, 2 Half Sheet Liners and 1 Quarter Sheet Silicone Mat
Silicone Baking Mats - Set of 3 - Baking Mats Non Stick Silicone BPA free with Measurements, 2 Half Sheet Liners and 1 Quarter Sheet Silicone

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

Made of premium silicone/fiberglass for better airflow & even heat distribution, these thick 1mm, nonstick, nontoxic baking mats come in 2 handy sizes. Turn any cookie sheets or pan into a non-stick cooking surface! More for Your Money! With each Silchef Set, you get: • 2 US half-sheet mats, each 16-1/2" x 11-5/8", designed to fit neatly inside any standard 18" x 13" baking tray • 1 quarter-sheet mat (11-1/2" x 8-1/2"), perfect for your toaster oven or microwave • All at 1 sensible price! Non-Stick Baking, Roasting & More Talk about versatile… they're a perfect alternative to fatty oils, messy sprays & costly parchment paper. What's more, they'll help ensure perfect results: evenly baked cookies... crusty golden-brown breads... fluffy pies & pastries... juicy, tender roasts....perfect for pastry rolling .....great for making macarons, Jelly rolls and much more. The secret's the top-grade silicone/fiberglass mesh, which allows better air circulation for more even heat distribution. Safe for Oven, Dishwasher, Microwave & Freezer Each Chef grade Silchef Mat withstands temperatures from minus 40 to 482 degrees F. So, you can pop it in the oven, wash it in the dishwasher, even slip it into the freezer. Better for Your Family, Your Budget & the Planet No more greasy oils & iffy...

  • THICK/LARGE & PREMIUM QUALITY: each pack includes two US standard half size baking sheets (16.5" x 11 5/8") and One small size 11.5" x 8.5" silicone sheet - extra thick 1.0 mm tear resistant FDA approved silicone mats.
  • HEALTHIER - BETTER RESULTS - you will no longer have to use oils or butter when cooking. Baking with our silicon mats is easier and you will get better, tastier results. Silchef silicon baking mats are odourless and they do not absorb flavours, so you won't taste yesterday's dinner in your baked goods.
  • NON-STICK / EASILY CLEANED - your days of struggling to bake using parchment paper or sprays will be over, as will your days of cookie scraping. Each silicone baking mat will turn any pan or rack into a nonstick surface instantly. Maintaining and keeping your silicon baking sheets nonstick set is easy. They can be wiped clean with warm, soapy water after use or you can pop them into the dishwasher.
  • FOOD SAFE/NON-TOXIC & HEALTHY: Made of premium quality non-toxic materials passed by strict FDA approved tests. Each heat resistant non stick baking sheet can withstand temperatures between -40°F to 480°F and can be used in the oven, freezer, refrigerator, microwave and also toaster ovens.
  • FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE - Your pack will also include a FREE, beautifully illustrated EBook with delicious healthy recipes. We also offer a NO RISK 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - if you are not completely satisfied with your silicone cooking mat set we will give you a full refund no questions asked.
  • Color: Red, Yellow and Green
  • Brand: Silchef
  • UPC: 820103903981
  • Part No: SILCHEFBM03
Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - Silicone Baking Mats Set of 3 - Non Stick Silicone Baking Mats Quarter Sheet & Half Sheets Liner Set - Reusable, Non-Toxic, BPA Free Rolling Pan and Cookie Sheet Liners, Small and Large
Silicone Baking Mats Set of 3 - Non Stick Silicone Baking Mats Quarter Sheet & Half Sheets Liner Set - Reusable, Non-Toxic, BPA Free Rolling Pan and Cookie Sheet Liners,

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

Making Memories, One Cookie At A Time: At DoughCuts, we believe that the kitchen is where the heart REALLY is. Our premium, high-tech line of cooking accessories and utensils is designed to make your life in the kitchen and around the dinner table significantly easier and more enjoyable. We are very proud to introduce our 3-piece silicone baking mats set. This set includes two standard size baking mats that are 16.5" x 11.65" (ideal for a 18" x 12" baking tray) and one small mat that is 11.65" x 8.25" (ideal for toaster ovens or small baking tray). Well-built with durable, non-stick silicone material, these baking sheet liners allow you to cut back on waste of parchment paper, tin foil, butter, oil, and/or pan spray. The DoughCuts cooking mats are made from clear silicone framing a fiberglass mesh inner, which ensures even heat distribution and thus, more evenly cooked foods. The mats are oven safe up to 470°F and freezer safe to -40°F. With bright color details and a measuring ruler along the border, this cookware adds a touch of playfulness and convenience to any kitchen or dining table, even encouraging kids to learn the art of baking . Dishwasher-safe and able to roll up for easy storage, these are the perfect baking supplies . Product Details: (2) Regular Size Silicone Tra...

  • BAKE, HEAT, OR FREEZE: The DoughCuts 3-piece silicone mat set contains multipurpose cookie sheet liners that can do a variety of things. The 2 full size baking sheets can be used as silicone bakeware pans or baking paper for macaroons, cookies, biscuits, and baked meals. The small size fits into a mini pan, microwave, or toaster oven. Our silicone baking sheets can also be frozen or provide a barrier for hot pots or appliances on countertops
  • NO MORE COOKING SPRAYS: Our reusable silicone pads & oven mats allow you to forgo sprays, oils, aluminum foil, and parchment paper. These stick-free silicone pan liners provide easy removal and transferring of food, so you can enjoy roasting your favorite vegetables without the extra oils or baking that pizza and watching it slide right off the pan
  • BUILT TO LAST: DoughCuts sets the gold standard in silicone cookware accessories. These colorful silicone cooking mats are comprised of flexible fiberglass mesh covered with premium-grade silicone. Sturdy yet bendable, these rollup silicone cookie sheets will last for years. Each heat resistant silicone oven liner can withstand temperatures between 470°F and -40°F
  • EASY TO USE, CLEAN, AND STORE: This silicone baking set is so simple for kids and adults to use. Each non stick baking mat comes with convenient measurements along the frame in centimeters and inches. Clean up is a snap with these easily washable dishwasher safe non stick pastry mats. Stack, roll up, and store away the flexible baking liners in drawers or cabinets without taking up space
  • HEALTHY EATING WITHOUT THE GREASE: Using silicone baking liners instead of oil or butter is a healthier option to cut out trans fats. No need to buy a silicone baking dish, simply line your existing cookware with our small or large silicone mat and never worry about harmful chemicals or BPA leaching into your food. Our silicone kitchen mats are FDA-approved, food-grade, and guaranteed safe for your family
  • Brand: dough cuts
  • Part No: 7539754454
Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - Silicone Baking Mats - Non Stick Sheet Mat - Large BPA Free Professional Grade Liner Sheets - Perfect Bakeware for Making Cookies Macarons, Bread and Pastry (2)
Silicone Baking Mats - Non Stick Sheet Mat - Large BPA Free Professional Grade Liner Sheets - Perfect Bakeware for Making Cookies Macarons, Bread and Pastry

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

Do half of your cookies & candies stay on the pan? Get perfect cookies every time! Revolutionary silicone baking mats! A time saver for seasoned bakers & aspiring bakers. Turn any pan into a non-stick pan! Perfect for Holiday cooking, baking & candy making, yummy cookies, delicate candies & pastries lift right off. Residue from BBQ chicken wings & nachos rinses off with soap and water. No need for parchment paper, sprays, oils or messy greasing. Top rack dishwasher safe. Wipes clean with soap & water. Silicone on both sides, so it stays firmly on counter to hold bowls in place while mixing batter or kneading dough. Even heat transfer/distribution from fiberglass weaved design, for perfectly, uniformly browned baked goods. Food grade FDA certified silicone. Durable and reusable. Roll to store or lay flat on pans. Set of 2, each 16.5x11.75 - Fits 18x13 half sheet and cookie sheets. Heat & Cold Resistant (-40 - 450 degrees) Non-stick, High Quality, FDA Certified, Food Grade Silicone, use in oven, microwave & freezer. No need for parchment paper, sprays, oils or greasing...Save money & eat healthier. Top rack dishwasher safe or wipe clean with soap/water, durable, non-toxic, odorless. Flavors & odors will not penetrate the mat. - Rolls for easy storage or leave flat with pans, NOT FO...

  • ★PERFECT BAKING EVERY TIME Kitzini's Silicone Baking Sheet is designed to provide even heat distribution which means all your baking is evenly cooked for consistent results. Our brilliant bakeware can stand temperatures from freezing up to 450°F! Perfect for making cute cookies, crispy roasted veg or marvellous macarons that slide off the mat effortlessly. Your results will be just perfect.
  • ★BAKE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL AT HOME Thanks to Kitzini's professional quality silicone and innovately designed baking mats everyone can bake like a pro. Using food grade silicone with a fibre glass core and size to fit all standard half sheets.
  • ★IMPRESS WITHOUT THE MESS Tired of scrubbing and soaking? We know how time consuming cleaning baking trays can be! Ditch the parchment paper and make your nonstick baking simple, there's no need for fats, oils, sprays or butter. Easy to clean - Toffee? Caramel? Crispy roast potatoes? Ditch the cleaning and keep the kitchen effortlessly gleaming. Simply wipe clean with warm soapy water, or pop them in the dishwasher after a quick sponge wipe. This well-kept chef's secret is a must for every baker
  • ★CREATE DELICIOUS FAT FREE DISHES Healthy meals need not be a chore thanks to Kitzini! The non-stick surface of our mats, there's no need for fats, oils, sprays or butter. Our mats enable you to cook like a professional chef in your own home, and cook low fat meals that the whole family can enjoy. We have beautifully designed our baking set in bright, fun, and friendly colors so you you too can get your children excited about healthy eating.
  • ★FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE We are so pleased that our customers love our products. Without our loyal customer base we wouldn't be here. That's why we offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not completely satisfied. FREE BONUS eBOOK to help give you baking inspiration our free eBook packed with delicious recipes will be sent to your email soon after purchase.
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Kitzini
  • ASIN: B00MM80ZLW
  • UPC: 784672458917
  • Part No: KTZISBM20140001
Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - Glitz Star Silicone Bread Baking Mat Non Stick Oven Liner Perforated Steaming Mesh Pad For Full Size Cooking Sheet,22.4X14.6inch
Glitz Star Silicone Bread Baking Mat Non Stick Oven Liner Perforated Steaming Mesh Pad For Full Size Cooking

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

Brand: Glitz Star Material:100% liquid food-grade nano silicone Size:22.4x14.6inch(thickness:0.65mm) Color:Black Weight:0.3LB HOW TO USE? Rinsing with warm water or cold water before using, can add a small amount of cleaning agent. It is recommended to clean once after 10-20 consecutive use . Do not wash with metal objects to avoid damage. This mesh mat is not absorbent,when place in the oven or steaming tools,check if there is water beads on the surface. WARM TIPS: No need to brush oil before using. When using, do not force tearing, so as not to damage. Long-term non-use , dry it, put in cool and ventilated place to storage. The color will be slightly yellow when uses continuously for more than one year,which is a normal phenomenon, does not affect the performance, please dont worry about it.

  • 100% FDA and LFGB approved liquid food-grade nano silicone mesh steam baking mat
  • After many commissioning tests, pore size finer(Mesh Holes Size 1X1MM).making pastry more evenly heated,Soft and delicious.
  • Perfect for Toast,steaming:baking bread, pizza, cookies, macarons and frozen food well in Insulation and non-slip:insulation pads, food conveyor mats, carpet mat,coaster and leak network.
  • Replace straw pad, cloth, eliminate the drawbacks that can be easily brought up when picking up food, easier to clean and storage.
  • Oven and freezer safe,Heat resistance: -40-230 degrees Celsius.
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Glitz Star
  • UPC: 714133995255
  • Part No: mla000371
Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - Silpat Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat, Toaster Oven Size, 7-7/8
Silpat Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat, Toaster Oven Size, 7-7/8" x

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

This 7-7/8-Inch x 10-7/8-Inch toaster oven size baking mat will turn your pan into a non-stick surface. Silpat is especially great for working with sticky materials such as gooey dough, taffy, caramel, or anything your imagination allows. Nothing sticks to Silpat, so it will save you a lot of time cleaning as there is no more sticky mess on your pans! Silpat never needs greasing, which saves both time and money. Use Silpat instead for any baking recipe that calls for parchment paper. This saves money and creates less waste for our environment. It is ideal for use when creating Danish pastries, baking biscuits, working with sugar and all sugary and salted preparations. Silpat Non-Stick Mats are made of fiberglass and silicone and can be used thousands of times. Life of product varies-lasts 2,000 to 3,000 uses depending on use and care. Silpat products conform to US regulations on food grade silicone and are FDA, NSF and Kosher certified. Can be used at temperatures varying from -40 degrees C to 250 degrees C (-40 degrees F to 482 degrees F). Made in France. Silpat is known around the world as the original non-stick baking liner. Silpat liners are made of fiberglass and food grade silicone and are completely food safe. Nothing sticks to Silpat! Sasa Demarle Inc. was founded in 1965...

  • Turn your pan into a non-stick surface and save time cleaning up; Use Silpat instead for any baking recipe that calls for parchment paper
  • Toaster oven size mat measures 7-7/8-inch x 10-7/8-inch; Made for 8-inch x 11-inch pan
  • Wipe with soapy hot water after use and lay flat or hang to dry; Lay flat or roll to store
  • Made of fiberglass and silicone and can be used thousands of times; Professional quality
  • Freezer, microwave, and oven-safe
  • Color: Tan
  • Brand: Silpat
  • ASIN: B00C4W5TYO
  • UPC: 814442002764
  • Part No: AE275200-01
Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat - Wolecok Silicone Baking Mat, Set of 2 Cooking Pan Oven Tray Baking Sheet Pastry Mat 16
Wolecok Silicone Baking Mat, Set of 2 Cooking Pan Oven Tray Baking Sheet Pastry Mat 16" x

Non Stick Oven Safe Baking Mat

100% Brand New and High Quality. The amazing Pyramid Pan is a non-stick cooking mat that features silicone pyramids that let your food rest above the bottom of the pan for more even cooking with little or no turning. Fats and oils drain away from your baked foods for crisp results without having to grease the surface like other pans. Material: silicone (eco-friendly and nontoxic) Size: Approx 40.4x29cm/ 16" x 11.5" " Fit for: oven, microwave oven and refrigerator

  • Material:100% Food Grade pure Silicone (no plastic fillers), BPA free, non-toxic .
  • Temperature tolerance:-40℃ to 230℃(-40℉ to446℉)
  • Dimensions: 16" x 11.5" , and It can be cut to a Specific Size
  • Offers Even Heat Distribution For Convenient Healthy Cooking, While Draining Grease, Oil, and Fat Away
  • Cleaning: Place the mat in warm soapy water for only a couple minutes and wash it with a brush or sponge. And It is dishwasher-safe.
  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Wolecok
  • ASIN: B01N315JA7
  • Part No: 5841350210

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In this video I review Draway Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats by demonstrating my spinach & cheese pie recipe. Non-stick Non-slip Washable Reusable Heat-resistant BPA Free FDA and LFGB Certified Approved,Set of 3 - by Draway Sold by CMflower-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon. Listings: Amazon UK: htt...

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