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Serrated Diving Knife

Serrated Diving Knife - 8.5
8.5" Serrated Diving HUNTING Tactical Sharp Blade Military Knife w/Leg Sheath + Free eBook by SURVIVAL

Serrated Diving Knife

PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY KNIVES FOR HUNTERS, TRAVELERS AND KNIFE ENTHUSIASTS: This knife are made from premium high quality materials our and guaranteed to last for a very long time. Perfect pocket knives for hunters, travelers and people who demand the very best combat knife for every day use. Our sharp hunting knife will stay sharp as a razor blade. Stand out from all the clich? Gifts and leave an impression that will never be forgotten. Stainless steel blade fortified with added alloys to resist and prevent corrosion in even the worst conditions. REVEAL YOUR PERSONALITY: Outdoor knife stylist is not only in design of blade, handle but also in the product color. It is also a great idea for Father's Day, Labor Day or Birthday! It is the big pocket knife but very helpful and stylish.ADD OUR SHARP outdoor survival knife TO YOUR SHOPPING CART NOW Don`t forget to drop it in your backpack, it is good camping knife for Indoor and Outdoor Activities. You can use it as a spearhead, make tent pegs, split kindling, cut small branches. If you want to be a proud owner of a unique made army knife and be a part of its rich history - press add to cart and order our carbon steel knife NOW. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase we'll provide you with a full refund! No questions ask...

  • HEAVY DUTY SURVIVAL TACTICAL MILITARY KNIFE. Nice tool for camping, hunting, hiking, adventure, self-defense and home use. Ultralight, Ultrasharp, Durable and Long Resistance Sharp Blade.
  • GREAT OUTDOOR STYLISH APPEARANCE. Combat knife blade using high-quality steel and the case also ergonomically designed handle using non-skid materials. Stainless steel contains more carbon.
  • DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY IN USE. The comfort of carrying and the ability of bringing the self-defense knife in a working position. You can use it as a spearhead, make tent pegs, cut small branches.
  • COOL ADDITION TO YOUR COLLECTION OF GADGETS! Besides practical usage, this military pocket knife also reveals your personality. It is also a perfect gift True Connoisseurs of high-quality army knife.
  • Brand: S.S. Fixed Knives
  • UPC: 692770999495
  • Part No: Tiger_10096
Serrated Diving Knife - TUSA FK-940 X-Ppert II Titanium Dive Knife, Metallic Dark Red
TUSA FK-940 X-Ppert II Titanium Dive Knife, Metallic Dark

Serrated Diving Knife

The FK-940ti X-Pert II knife is made from high quality Ti-6Al-4V titanium and can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

  • 6-4Ti (Ti-6Al-4V) highly corrosion resistant titanium drop point blade
  • Newly designed ergonomic grip with counterweight
  • Includes a serrated edge plus a line cutter
  • Single button sheath lock release
  • Easy-to-adjust buckle and strap allow for a comfortable fit
  • Color: Metallic Dark Red
  • Brand: TUSA
  • ASIN: B001P4B8K6
  • UPC: 685193451411
  • Part No: FK-940TI-MDR
Serrated Diving Knife - Spyderco Atlantic Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife, Yellow
Spyderco Atlantic Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife,

Serrated Diving Knife

Since starting Spyderco we've been told our knives are different, peculiar, even out there. All true. Thinking beyond established knife industry barriers allowed us to introduce new and radical innovations to the knife culture including: One-hand opening, serrations on a folder and a clip to attach a knife to a pocket. We didn't go into business to rake in a mountain of dough we're here for more selfish reasons- indulging our passion for creating knives. Spyderco is definitely out of the norm in the knife industry in our dedication to researching and developing fresh, improved and better performing materials all with function and reliability being key. Someone once said to Sal Glesser, Spyderco's owner, "You must design in the dark because your knives look so strange." True again. Our recognizable appearance is a result of designing ergonomic functional tools rather than applying lipstick and nylons to a pocketknife. We may look curious, homely, whatever, but we'll never be called unusable or undependable. Making knives that consistently deliver reliable high-performance requires an ongoing commitment to testing. In our million-dollar testing facility we examine edge retention with a CATRA machine, look for rust development with Q-FOG, check the force needed to open and close a k...

  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • The most trusted name in you cutlery needs
  • Features a blade ground from H-1 steel, an exclusive material that provides excellent cutting performance yet is completely impervious to rust
  • Hollow-ground serrated edge (SpyderEdge) blade
  • High-strength back lock mechanism with David Boye Dent ensures safe, secure blade lock-up
  • High-visibility yellow fiberglass-reinforced-nylon handle with textured pattern for a positive grip
  • Black titanium pocket clip supports left or right-side, tip-up carry
  • Color: Yellow
  • Brand: Spyderco
  • ASIN: B000FLTP0A
  • UPC: 784427691224
  • Part No: SPY-C89SYL
Serrated Diving Knife - BOffer Scuba Diving Knife - Black Tactical Sharp Blade knives - Divers dive tool with 2 Types Sheaths,Sawing Edge and 2 Pairs Leg Straps - Best for Snorkeling,Hunting,Survival Rescue and Water Sports.
BOffer Scuba Diving Knife - Black Tactical Sharp Blade knives - Divers dive tool with 2 Types Sheaths,Sawing Edge and 2 Pairs Leg Straps - Best for Snorkeling,Hunting,Survival Rescue and

Serrated Diving Knife

Standard Dive Knife Features Sheath and Strap When diving,your knife can be strapped to your leg or arm,or mounted to your dive belt or buoyancy compensation device (BCD).Wear the knife in a place that is most comfortable for you,within easy reach;you should be capable of drawing it with one hand.Dive knives come a sheath that make sure your sheath holds your knife securely,yet allows you to draw it with hand.Most sheaths are made from ABS plastic,which stores your knife without blunting it. BOffer Knives Set Features: Type:Medium Straight Knife Knife overall length:8.66in Overall length with Sheath:9.45in Blade length: 3.85in Grip length:4.13in Blade thickness: 0.14in Blade width:0.98in(max) Blade material:420C steel Knife handle:420C steel Hardness:58HRC Sheath:ABS plastic The handle has paracord wrapped around the full tang knife. Nylon sheath fits on your belt loops with a snap closure. Plastic locking knife holder that has a quick release button. Water drain hole handle design with nylon string. BOffer knifes comes with two sheaths.One is a diving sheath that is made of hard plastic and the knife locks into it and has a safety release button.It comes with adjustable straps so you attach it to your leg for hands free swimming.It also came with a snap closure sheath to wear on...

  • ★Sheath for leg,arm,belt,BCD.
  • ★420C stainless steel,overall length:approx 8.5",blade length:approx 4".
  • ★Rugged diving knives,It came sharp and ready to use for snorkeling,fishing,swimming,boating,shallow scuba and cutting fish line,also for combat,self-defense.
  • ★1x knife,2 x sheaths that impact-resistant ABS plastic sheath and nylon holster,4 x adjustable 3/4 inch wide straps that 2 x elastic straps and 2 x nylon straps.
  • ★NEVER RUST:420C steel blade,the rust issue that some other users are experiencing is a user error,rather than a bad product.As with any dive knife,the blade should be cleaned,dried,and oiled before putting it away.
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: BOffer
  • ASIN: B072MHM7KS
  • UPC: 712971929241
  • Part No: BOfferkf00
Serrated Diving Knife - Spearfishing knife - diving knife. Stainless steel, no rust. Half serrated blade on these knives. Sharp like a laser. Straps for leg, arm or mounts in belt. Mørksej diveknife by Mahimahi
Spearfishing knife - diving knife. Stainless steel, no rust. Half serrated blade on these knives. Sharp like a laser. Straps for leg, arm or mounts in belt. Mørksej diveknife by

Serrated Diving Knife

Diving knife for Spearfishing and freediving. Buy 2 and get additional 10% off! Very effective lock to secure you never loose a knife. The blade is of stainless Steel 420. Serrated/Sharp blade like a laser. No rust will occur if rinsed in freshwater after use. Including rubberstraps for attaching the knife to your arm or leg. Perfect as a backup. EASY to handle. EASY to maintain. EASY to put in sheat and the audible click will assure you the knife is in its place.

  • Ideal for spearfishing - super sharp and pointy finisher
  • Great for scuba diving - as primary knife or back-up
  • Secure lock with audible click - never lose your knife!
  • Rubberstraps: Place the knife on your forearm or leg - 3" blade and 3 1/2" handle
  • Bargain for a stainless steel knife - buy 2 and get 10% off!
  • Color: Black and grey
  • Brand: MahiMahi Group
  • ASIN: B01N9KJ6LD
  • UPC: 646223834932
  • Part No: 001
Serrated Diving Knife - FINO EDGE FE-PSS01 Knife Sharpener

Serrated Diving Knife

Knife Sharpening Stones Made of Monocrystalline Diamonds Harness the power of the hardest, natural substance on earth The Fino Edge Knife Sharpener brings back the sharpness and polish to knives that have been dulled and damaged by constant use, or misuse over time. It includes three hone blocks with multiple layers of monocrystalline diamonds, the size of a micron, bonded in nickel to a perfectly flat steel base plate. Diamonds have a natural hardness that make them ideal for cutting and sharpening all kinds of objects – even diamonds themselves! That’s why diamond hones have become the preferred choice over natural stones that have a slower cutting rate and messy clean-up, or water stones that wear down quickly. A honing stone for your every need- Coarse (400 Grit) Yellow Hone Block - for extremely dull or damaged knives- Medium (800 Grit) Orange/Red Hone Block - for knives that are regularly sharpened- Fine (1400 Grit) Black Hone Block - for finishing to get a razor-sharp edge All knives point to the Knife Sharpening Kit by Fino Edge With extremely sharp knives, you can get all your knife work done at home or in the outdoors safely, quickly, and efficiently. Cut food preparation time in half. Go camping, diving, or hunting equipped with a knife that has a sharp cutting edg...

  • MONOCRYSTALLINE DIAMOND SHARPENING STONES: The 400-grit coarse yellow hone provides quick initial sharpening for dull and damaged knives. Use the 800-grit medium red hone for general sharpening
  • ADJUSTABLE ANGLE SELECTION: To achieve optimum results, use the markings on the adjustable guide rod post as a reference or the built-in angle finder on your smartphone to set the exact angle
  • SAFETY IN DESIGN AND IN USE: Our knife sharpener is equipped with a secure clamp that holds the knife safely in place at all times. A heavy duty, non-slip base plate with three rubber feet
  • PREMIUM SHARPENING SYSTEM FOR KITCHEN: Cut cooking preparation time in half with sharper blades on your kitchen knife, paring knife, carving knife, fillet knife, non-serrated steak knife
  • KNIFE SHARPENING KIT FOR SPORT AND THE OUTDOORS: Fino Edge delivers an ultra-sharp cutting edge for your pocket knife, butterfly knife, camping knife, hunting knife or diving knife every time.
  • Color: Black/Red/Silver
  • Brand: FINO EDGE
  • ASIN: B07D49C4MB
  • UPC: 637827080009
  • Part No: FE-PSS01
Serrated Diving Knife - Zeagle Line Cutter with Sheath
Zeagle Line Cutter with

Serrated Diving Knife

Zeagle Line Cutter with Sheath

    • Color: Line Cutter
    • Brand: Zeagle
    • ASIN: B0031U9RNM
    • UPC: 882689100277
    • Part No: 5403
    Serrated Diving Knife - Borg [Pointed Tip] - Grey
    Borg [Pointed Tip] - Grey

    Serrated Diving Knife

    New Borg is a modern, large knife with a futuristic design and a strong, tempered blade. The blade is made with Japanese 420 stainless steel and this is the pointed tip version. One side of the stainless steel blade is straight-edged, the other one is serrated right along the blade; they are both very sharp and effective for line cutting. It is separated from the blade by a small technopolymer thumb tab. Sheath with locking mechanism to allow one-hand release. The knife comes with two, standard issue straps to attach it to your leg. Total length: 10.43" (265 mm) Blade length: 5,51" (140 mm).

    • Cressi is a REAL diving, snorkeling and swimming Italian brand, since 1946.
    • Japanese 304 stainless steel blade, pointed tip version
    • One side of the stainless steel blade is straight-edged, the other one is serrated right along the blade
    • It is separated from the blade by a small techno polymer thumb tab
    • Sheath with locking mechanism to allow one-hand release
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Cressi
    • ASIN: B00BJ73DYS
    • UPC: 843607041645
    • Part No: 843607041645
    Serrated Diving Knife - Gear Aid Akua Blunt Tip Resuce Knife with Serrated Blade and Sheath, Nav Green, 3
    Gear Aid Akua Blunt Tip Resuce Knife with Serrated Blade and Sheath, Nav Green, 3"

    Serrated Diving Knife

    Paddle down the river with the Akua Blunt Tip Knife attached securely to your PFD, boat deck, or leg. Weighing less than 6 ounces, it’s a lightweight and versatile river/rescue knife. In case of an emergency, cut your way free with the serrated blade or cord cutter. Flip it over to use the glass breaker for getting out of a jam. With its compact, yet tough 3” titanium-coated blade and blunt tip, you have an effective cutting and prying tool that won’t puncture inflatables. Take on your next fresh water adventure with the Akua at your side.

    • Titanium-coated 3" blade is armed with a line/cord cutter and straight and serrated edge to cut rope, fishing line, and food
    • The stainless-steel and blunt tip blade won't pierce inflatables; use it as a screwdriver or to pry open shellfish
    • Its sheath mounts virtually anywhere with the removable belt clip, lash tab mount, and MOLLE compatible 1" webbing mount
    • Easily access the fixed blade knife with the quick release sheath, simply press the thumb tab and pull
    • Lightweight, full-tang knife weighs only 5. 6 oz. and includes bottle opener and glass breaker at the opposite end
    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Gear Aid
    • ASIN: B074YFMVT2
    • UPC: 021563620658
    • Part No: 62065
    Serrated Diving Knife - Spyderco Manbug Salt Lightweight Yellow Folding Blade Knives
    Spyderco Manbug Salt Lightweight Yellow Folding Blade

    Serrated Diving Knife

    Spyderco ManBug salt lightweight yellow folding blade knives Spyderco ManBug salt lightweight yellow folding blade knives hunting knives folding blade

    • Hunting knives folding blade
    • Versatile top of the line
    • Another quality product
    • Color: Yellow
    • Brand: Spyderco
    • ASIN: B06Y2LLZ4D
    • UPC: 716104011087
    • Part No: MYLS

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