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Story Fairy Tale Mix

Story Fairy Tale Mix - The Goblin Cinderella (Fairy Tale Heat Book 5)
The Goblin Cinderella (Fairy Tale Heat Book

Story Fairy Tale Mix

I didn’t want to fall in love with the prince. He’s a high elf, rich and handsome, and…well, there are rumors he dabbles in dark magic. I’m half-goblin and I know he’d never choose me as his bride in the first place. I just wanted my wicked stepsisters to see him dancing with me before I run away and leave this city forever, to start a new life.But it seems my goblin godmother had other plans.The spell she cast upon me? The one she told me would make the prince want to “dance" with me? The moment he touches me, I feel desire like I’ve never imagined. And I can tell he feels the same. I’m not sure this is the sort of dance I had in mind. We’re drawn together by magic—but can magic forge the bonds of true love?And if it did…would be stepmother ever let me find happiness? My goblin godmother isn’t the only one with plans. It seems my stepmother is willing to lie, steal, and even kill to keep me from a happily ever after. But goblins are known for making trouble, and I’m ready for revenge.The Goblin Cinderella is a standalone fairy tale retelling for those who like an unabashedly adorable happily ever after with a side of serious steaminess! (And a cameo or two by Beauty and her Goblin King!)

  • ASIN: B074S8KD24
Story Fairy Tale Mix - Urban Mythic Box Set: Twelve Novels of Adventure and Romance, featuring Norse and Greek Gods, Demons and Djinn, Angels, Fairies, Vampires, and Werewolves in the Modern World
Urban Mythic Box Set: Twelve Novels of Adventure and Romance, featuring Norse and Greek Gods, Demons and Djinn, Angels, Fairies, Vampires, and Werewolves in the Modern

Story Fairy Tale Mix

A box set of MYTHIC proportions ...Want a little magic in your life? Ever wished faeries were real or for your own personal djinn?Then these TWELVE worlds of action, adventure, humor, and romance are for you. Join the freshest voices in urban fantasy and paranormal romance as they bring magic into your life in the form of gods, demons, djinn, faeries, werewolves, and more.This enchanting collection is FREE for a limited time. Download it before it's gone!Included in this set:Soul Marked - C. GockelWhen Tara finds a man passed out in her alley, she hopes he's just a junky ... and then she sees his pointy ears. Chosen - Christine PopeWhen a fatal fever nearly wipes out the entire world's population, the survivors of what became known as "the Dying" believe the worst is in the past ...The Hunted One - Meg CollettDisgraced and wingless, Archangel Michaela discovers the holy angels have a plan for Heaven, and it is one that may prove to be the End of Days.Things Unseen - C.J. BrightleyA moment's compassion draws history student Aria Forsyth into a conflict between human and inhuman, natural and supernatural, and the world of the Fae.Way of the Wolf - Mark E. CooperDoctor David Lephmann tries to aid a shifter in trouble, and is thrust into a world of violence and mistrust.Eros - Helen ...

Story Fairy Tale Mix - The Elves Help Puss In Boots (Fairy Tale Mix-ups)
The Elves Help Puss In Boots (Fairy Tale

Story Fairy Tale Mix

Puss’s boots need mending. He thinks no one can fix them. But there’s a shoemaker in a far off town who has an unusual way of mending shoes.

  • ASIN: B079J3V2GK
Story Fairy Tale Mix - Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your Soul
Fierce Fairytales: Poems and Stories to Stir Your

Story Fairy Tale Mix

Poet, writer, and Instagram sensation Nikita Gill returns with a collection of fairytales poetically retold for a new generation of women. Traditional fairytales are rife with cliches and gender stereotypes: beautiful, silent princesses; ugly, jealous, and bitter villainesses; girls who need rescuing; and men who take all the glory. But in this rousing new prose and poetry collection, Nikita Gill gives Once Upon a Time a much-needed modern makeover. Through her gorgeous reimagining of fairytale classics and spellbinding original tales, she dismantles the old-fashioned tropes that have been ingrained in our minds. In this book, gone are the docile women and male saviors. Instead, lines blur between heroes and villains. You will meet fearless princesses, a new kind of wolf lurking in the concrete jungle, and an independent Gretel who can bring down monsters on her own. Complete with beautifully hand-drawn illustrations by Gill herself, Fierce Fairytales is an empowering collection of poems and stories for a new generation.

  • ASIN: 0316420743
Story Fairy Tale Mix - Sworn To Raise (Courtlight Book 1)
Sworn To Raise (Courtlight Book

Story Fairy Tale Mix

A fun and riveting young adult fantasy romance for the ages! Orphan Ciardis infiltrates the palace and competes to become Prince Sebastian's Companion -- but with danger around every corner she will have to fight an imposter emperor and unite her people all while falling for him. Check out the series that is the Selection meets Game of Thrones today!Seventeen-year-old Ciardis Vane grew up in a small village on the edge of the realm.Beautiful, destitute, and desperate she is looking to get out anyway she can. She has worked her whole life as a laundress with no hope of escaping her fate anytime soon.But then her life changes when a strange woman appears with the key to Ciardis's escape. With an offer to take her to the capital and a life she'd never dreamed of, it's hard to resist. There's only one catch.She wants Ciardis to become a companion: she'll be required to wear expensive dresses, learn to conduct suitable magic, educate herselfoncourt proclivities, and - in the end - chain herself to the highestbidder. A Patron for life.Ciardis knows that this is her one opportunity to change her life.But what she does not know is that she will soon be at the heart of intrigues and power struggles, and that her new life in luxury demands a high price, perhaps even the life of a prince.

  • ASIN: B00C9VC7AY
Story Fairy Tale Mix - Alien Prince Charming: A Sci-Fi Alien Fairy Tale Romance (Trilyn Alien Fairy Tales Book 1)
Alien Prince Charming: A Sci-Fi Alien Fairy Tale Romance (Trilyn Alien Fairy Tales Book

Story Fairy Tale Mix

A pact between worlds. The search for a true human mate. A sci-fi fairy tale come true…Once upon a time, the Trilyn made contact with the people of Earth. In return for taking seven fertile females as brides for their seven princes, they would share their alien technology and enable Earth to create intergalactic space ships. Prince Gardax, the eldest of the seven princes has endured years of searching for the human female who can bear his children. Two years of parties, genetic compatibility scanners, and failed attempts at finding the one woman who was meant for him.In despair that he will never find his mate among the glittering party guests, Prince Gardax begins the search in earnest, and finds his mate in the most unlikely of places – the palace kitchens.Amy Allan was just looking for a job, anything to ensure the survival of herself and her baby sister. Working in the great palace of the eldest Trilyn prince seemed like a good idea at the time, and the only option available for a war-refugee with a toddler in tow. But with a backbreaking workload and a nightmare boss, hoping for something better seems futile.When the devastatingly handsome alien prince bursts into the kitchens demanding his mate, Amy’s last shred of hope disappears as her domineering boss, Darla, steps...

  • ASIN: B07HXYQ84J
Story Fairy Tale Mix - eeBoo Create and Tell Me A Story Cards, Fairy Tale Mix-Up
eeBoo Create and Tell Me A Story Cards, Fairy Tale

Story Fairy Tale Mix

Lizzy Rockwell's charming fairy tale characters, locations, and iconic objects can be arranged and rearranged to create logical and/or hilarious tales. Kids will build critical thinking skills when they devise a way to incorporate a fire-breathing dragon and a flask of magic potion into their tale of a clever boot-wearing cat.

  • Brand: eeBoo
  • ASIN: B001FYH1UC
  • UPC: 599038217707
  • Part No: TSMIX2
Story Fairy Tale Mix - The Tiger's Wife: A Novel
The Tiger's Wife: A Novel

Story Fairy Tale Mix

  • ASIN: B004EPZ6CE
Story Fairy Tale Mix - Bellamy and the Brute: A retelling inspired by the story of Beauty and the Beast.
Bellamy and the Brute: A retelling inspired by the story of Beauty and the

Story Fairy Tale Mix

A fresh twist on the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, Bellamy and the Brute proves true love really is blind.When Bellamy McGuire is offered a summer job babysitting for the wealthy Baldwin family, she's reluctant to accept. After all, everyone in town knows about the mysterious happenings at the mansion on the hill—including the sudden disappearance of the Baldwin's eldest son, Tate. The former football star and golden boy of Wellhollow Springs became a hermit at the age of sixteen, and no one has seen or heard from him since. Rumors abound as to why, with whisperings about a strange illness—one that causes deformity and turned him into a real-life monster. Bellamy wants to dismiss these rumors as gossip, but when she's told that if she takes the job, she must promise to never, ever visit the third floor of the mansion, she begins to wonder if there really is some dark truth hidden there.Tate's condition may not be the only secret being kept at Baldwin House. There are gaps in the family's financial history that don't add up, and surprising connections with unscrupulous characters. At night there are strange noises, unexplained cold drafts, and the electricity cuts out. And then there are the rose petals on the staircase. The rose petals that no one but Bellamy seems t...

Story Fairy Tale Mix - Bottling It (A Wayfair Witches' Cozy Mystery #1)
Bottling It (A Wayfair Witches' Cozy Mystery

Story Fairy Tale Mix

Wanda Wayfair is a bit of a late starter.At almost twenty-one she still hasn't received her magical powers, and she's running out of time. But that doesn't bother Wanda. Much. Not when she can spend all of her time in the human world and pretend that her coven doesn't exist. But when Wanda takes a job at Berrys' Bottlers, working with the handsome Will Berry and his unpleasant Aunt Alice, she soon realises that she's a lot closer to the magical world than she thought.All over Dublin, humans are murdering witches. When asked why, all they'll say is, 'I dunno why I done it.' But Wanda thinks she does know why they've done it - and hopefully she'll receive her power in time to help her coven discover the truth.

  • ASIN: B0763SBWLF

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Story Fairy Tale Mix

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Story Fairy Tale Mix

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Little Red Riding Hood - Fixed Fairy Tales

Story Fairy Tale Mix

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