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Tomato Tray

Tomato Tray - Gardeneer Red Tomato Enhancing Trays, Pack of 12
Gardeneer Red Tomato Enhancing Trays, Pack of

Tomato Tray

Ensure your tomatoes grow beautifully using these Gardeneer Red Tomato Enhancing Trays. These innovative trays help stimulate growth in your tomato plants, while keeping weeds and insect pests away from the soil around them. Their unique design almost fully surrounds the plant, and this pack of 12 is perfect for a full garden row. A channel and opening on each unit accommodates the stem of your existing tomato plant, while the rest of the square tray expands 12" outward around it. This covering prevents weeds from growing in that area, and can also help retain moisture for protection from drought. Four 1.75" long spikes on each tray insert into soil, and each has a small opening at its base. This allows you to fill them with slow release fertilizer, or helps water slowly reach to the root system. The red color of each tray reflects onto the plants to stimulate plant growth, and their plastic construction withstands use for many seasons. Grow lovely and hardy tomatoes with help from these Red Tomato Enhancing Trays. Made in the USA. This case pack includes 12 of the Gardeneer Red Tomato Enhancing Trays. Dimensions: 12"L x 12"W x 3.5"H each Mounting: place over soil around plant Construction: plastic

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Gardeneer
  • ASIN: B013IROH4Q
  • UPC: 016069004187
  • Part No: AU-16R
Tomato Tray - Tomato Crater Gardening Tool to Increase Harvest - 3 Pack
Tomato Crater Gardening Tool to Increase Harvest - 3

Tomato Tray

Bigger tomatoes, faster, with a 3 - Pk. of Tomato Craters! SAVE BIG! It's so simple, but the result is so clear... healthier, more fruitful tomato plants in a hurry! These suppress weeds, block damaging cutworms, concentrate water at the roots, warm the soil, and even help prevent blossom end rot. University research has also shown that the bright red color reflects a spectrum of light that triggers photosynthesis, adding to rapid growth. Each approx. 12" diam., 2 1/4"h. Reusable, made of heavy-duty plastic. 2-Pc. design for ease, with slots allowing for wire plant supports and water flow. Effective for peppers and eggplant, too. Set weighs 2 lbs., 4 ozs. Get the big juicy ones this season... order yours now! 3 - Pk. Tomato Craters

  • ASIN: B00178M9GM
  • UPC: 055476003031
  • Part No: TRTLALPPO4JAN37266
Tomato Tray - Tomato Tray 3 Pack
Tomato Tray 3 Pack

Tomato Tray

- Color: Black. - Helps protects against droughts. - Distributes water and nutrients 4 Inch Underground. - Material: Plastic. - Contains: 3 trays in a pack. - Retains moisture for healthier roots. - Dimensions: 12 Inches In Length, 12 Inches In Width. - Manufacturer's 1 year Warranty. - Prevents weed growth around plants. - Increases Tomato Harvests by 40%. - Also ideal for peppers and other vine crops. - Warms soil for early root development. - Helps produce bigger tastier tomatoes. - Made In The USA.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Dalen
  • UPC: 016069000226
  • Part No: AU-16X
Tomato Tray - Tomato Halos, Set of 3
Tomato Halos, Set of 3

Tomato Tray

Our new Tomato Halos increase soil depth along the stem so plants develop extra-strong root systems. They also provide targeted root-zone watering, eliminate weed competition and protect seedlings from cutworm attack. Built-in channels fit Stackable Tomato Ladders, sold separately. Choice of Red or Green.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Gardener's Supply Company
  • ASIN: B007ROV8DK
  • Part No: 40-357*RD*
Tomato Tray - Dalen Gardeneer AU-16R Tomato Tray, Red, Pack of 3
Dalen Gardeneer AU-16R Tomato Tray, Red, Pack of

Tomato Tray

Tomato tray reflects red light back to plants which helps stimulate growth. Split tray design for easy installation around plant stem. Increases tomato plant yield by up to 40 percent. Helps protect all vine crops against droughts and cutworm, brings earlier, tastier harvests. Red in color. Includes 3 tray per pack. Measures 12-inch by 12-inch by 3-inch.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Dalen
  • ASIN: B000RNH3UK
  • UPC: 016069004187
  • Part No: AU-16R
Tomato Tray - Tomato Automators, Set of 3
Tomato Automators, Set of 3

Tomato Tray

These deceptively simple tomato plant surrounds will produce healthier, more productive tomato plants with less effort from you. When planting, just slip an automator around the stem of each seedling to suppress weeds and protect against cutworms. Perforated cones direct water to the root zone. Bright red color triggers a natural plant protein that makes tomatoes mature faster and produce more fruit. Easy to use, but provides a big boost to your tomatoes.

  • Brand: Dalen
  • Part No: 37-811**
Tomato Tray - Burpee 32 Cell Xl Ultimate Self-Watering Seed Starting Kit
Burpee 32 Cell Xl Ultimate Self-Watering Seed Starting

Tomato Tray

Burpee-innovated seed starting kit has everything you need to grow even the largest of seedlings. 10" (w) x 20" (L) tray with extra-large cells measuring 2.25" (w) x 2.25" (L) x 2" (H), encourage your plants to develop big, strong root systems & minimize transplant shock, giving you healthier plants. This Kit's self-watering system allows for easy care & accelerated plant growth.

  • Color: black
  • Brand: Burpee
  • UPC: 041530739701
  • Part No: 96089
Tomato Tray - Gardeneer Tomato Tray
Gardeneer Tomato Tray

Tomato Tray

Enjoy fresh tomatoes whenever you want with the help of the Gardeneer Tomato Tray. This insulator features a red reflection that is essential to plant growth. Not only does this item help distribute water and nutrients, but it also helps to protect against the effects of drought conditions. Dimensions: 12L x 12W x 4H in.. Reflects red light onto plants, stimulating growth. Distributes water and nutrients underground. Protects against drought. Ideal for tomatoes and other vine crops.

  • Color: Red
  • Brand: Gardeneer
  • UPC: 016069004187
  • Part No: 1433-6580
Tomato Tray - 48 pcs Plastic Nursery Pot for Plants 2.75
48 pcs Plastic Nursery Pot for Plants 2.75" Square x 3.25" Seed Starting/Transplant Plant Containers for Tomatoes Basil Peppers Mint with 48 Label Markers and Drain Holes for Germination with

Tomato Tray

Why You Should Choose Our Nursery Pots? - Excellent for medicinal herb and vegetable seeds, basil, mints, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, spinach, etc. - Great to germinate and start different types of seeds before moving the plants to larger containers. - The size (2.75 x 3.25 inch) perfect size for repotting plants. - The pots will simply pop or bend without breaking as you easily remove the seedling and it holds the soil and plant well. - Width of 1.9mm thick enough to move plants without disturbing the planting medium - These plant containers are made of premium PP materials - Stackable, reusable, and recyclable. - Each plant pot comes with great drainage holes at the bottom. - The holes are not too large to lose soil or too much water, but not too small to be ineffective, either. - Includes white sturdy label markers to help easily identify the plant in each seedling pot cell. - These potting pots can also be recycled as containers for stationery, accessories and other small items. Instead of buying individual big pots or big starter trays, small plant pots are more convenient and affordable for every garden. They're light and easy to move. Make your purchase now and be the green thumb you want to be! If you're looking for plastic pots for plants and authen...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: IGGRO
  • ASIN: B0721KFQRV
  • Part No: 1641
Tomato Tray - Tierra Garden GP167G Green Plant Halos (Pack of 3)
Tierra Garden GP167G Green Plant Halos (Pack of

Tomato Tray

Our new and unique Plant Halos offer an 'all in one' watering and crop support solution for popular crops such as tomatoes, peppers and beans. The 5.5" diameter central inner pot creates the planting area while the outer 'moat' features six watering spikes which penetrate below the surface, delivering water direct to the plant's roots. This ensures that water and liquid feed are delivered at a reduced rate that the plant is better able to absorb, preventing waste common with conventional watering. It typically takes between 3 and 6 hours for the water reservoir to drain fully, depending on the weather and soil conditions. Plant Halos also feature a unique cane support system. 3 anchor slots surround the inner pot and provide the means for a rigid, wind resistant structure using bamboo cane (not included). A cane grip cap is also included and allows for up to 4 canes to be joined at the peak of the resulting structure. The cane grip cap is simply separated from the main molding by the user. Plant Halos can be used in grow bags, pots, raised beds, traditional vegetable plots or directly in a potting soil bag. Sold in sets of 3, Plant Halos are manufactured from recycled, UV stabilized plastic and are guaranteed for 5 years.

  • Color: Green
  • Brand: Tierra Garden
  • ASIN: B005X8D2Q8
  • Part No: GP167G

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Tomato Tray

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A Tomato Watering Tray/Pool for Determinate Container Tomatoes: Simple Set Up & Only Water Weekly

Tomato Tray

Please Visit The Rusted Garden Seed & Garden Shop:: You can use a tray that is about 2 inches deep to water your determinate container tomatoes from the bottom. I show you how to set up the containers, make a container mix, fertilize & lime and talk about the des...

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Tomato Tray

On this week's Two-Minute Tip, why bigger is not always better when it comes to vegetable transplants -- especially tomatoes! Get your TOMATO SEEDS here: Get your SEED STARTING TRAYS here:

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