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Trolling Lake Trout

Trolling Lake Trout - Wicked Trout Killers Pink-Silver
Wicked Trout Killers

Trolling Lake Trout

Wicked Trout Killers are a new and innovative product specifically designed for trolling freshwater lakes.To learn more about these unique and innovative products please visit

  • Trout, Panfish, Crappie, Bass, Kokanee
  • #3 Silver Brass Blade
  • #4 Red Octopus Hook
  • 10 lb Moss Green Izorline
  • 6 ft Leader
  • Color: Pink-Silver
  • Brand: Wicked Lures
  • UPC: 764210927471
  • Part No: 764210927471
Trolling Lake Trout - Al's Goldfish Lure Co Sebago Trolling Rig, Nickel, 25
Al's Goldfish Lure Co Sebago Trolling Rig, Nickel,

Trolling Lake Trout

The flash, vibration and motion of sebago trolling rigs attract the largest game fish to your trailing lure or natural bait. Our sebago blades are hand polished and plated in 22kt gold or bright nickel for a mirror finish. Sebago's are constructed with stainless steel wires and Faceted glass beads. Sebago rigs have detachable sections to allow you to use them in different combinations or separately. Featuring the unique large Sebago A blade. The only blade with the clevis at the round part of the blade creating immense vibration that attracts trout like no other rig. Pairs well with the Al's 49er trolling lure or sewing on bait with Al's minnow rigs and baiting needles.

  • The premium lake trolls on the market made with the best components including hand polished Nickel plating.
  • 25" is great for deep water trolling
  • 25" features the unique 4" A blade with clevis at fat end creating intense vibration attracting Trout & Salmon.
  • Built with barrel swivels & snaps so you can change length and configuration. 25" is 5 linked wire shafts
  • Rigs are 100% Made in USA with the Al's original Maine Sebago blades
  • Color: Nickel
  • Brand: Al's Goldfish Lure Co.
  • ASIN: B00ZTWO97E
  • UPC: 038866196025
  • Part No: SE8-N
Trolling Lake Trout - Luhr-Jensen K15 Kwikfish (Rattle) Lure Bag, Double Trouble
Luhr-Jensen K15 Kwikfish (Rattle) Lure Bag, Double

Trolling Lake Trout

There are two types of crank baits in the world, those with a tight baitfish shimmy, and the kwikfish. Kwikfish are full-throttle, wide-action, leave-no-doubt lures that challenge game fish small and large alike. Their aggressive action forces a response from fish, often generating the most savage strikes imaginable. Small sizes target trout, the middle range Steelhead and silver salmon, and the largest king salmon and lunker lake trout. For maximum success, tune the screw eye on the face of the plug to achieve an even side-to-side action. Using small adjustments, turn the screw eye in the opposite direction that the lure is favoring, until it tracks straight.

  • Fine tune with screw eye located on the lip
  • Slow trolling action for medium to large size game fish
  • VMC round bend treble hooks
  • Fixed eyelets (not screw eyes)
  • Loud rattle
  • Side-to-side body construction
  • Wide, searching action designed specifically for Salmon and Lake Trout
  • Round bend treble hooks
  • Color: Double Trouble
  • Brand: Luhr Jensen
  • ASIN: B003IGNY74
  • UPC: 049762558213
  • Part No: 371740
Trolling Lake Trout - Lighthouse Lures Big Eye Spoons (Avocado Dream)
Lighthouse Lures Big Eye Spoons (Avocado

Trolling Lake Trout

Big Eye Spoons are made from lightweight stainless steel. The action of your Big Eye Spoon is erratic and mimics an injured bait fish. This unique design will entice predatory fish to strike the spoon resulting in more fish caught. We have used 4/0 Mustad 2x strong hook to ensure the quality of the hook stands up to large fish. We love these spoons and we hope you will as well.

    • Color: Avocado Dream
    • Brand: Lighthouse Lures
    • ASIN: B07FR621TD
    • UPC: 835749009058
    Trolling Lake Trout - Fish WOW! 9oz 9.5inch Fishing Spoon with Treble Hook Bait Lures Fish Jig Silver Prism Tape
    Fish WOW! 9oz 9.5inch Fishing Spoon with Treble Hook Bait Lures Fish Jig Silver Prism

    Trolling Lake Trout

    1 piece 9oz full size Fishing Spoon with Treble Hook. Easy to use and Attract Multi-species fish. Great for saltwater/ freshwater fishing.

    • 9oz Fishing Spoon.
    • Popular! Efficient! Casting, Trolling, Jigging, Attract many predators.
    • Great lures for variety target fish! Fish can't resist!!
    • Weight: 9oz, Length: 9.5inch(with Ring & Hook), 7inch(Body)
    • Shinny Silver Prism! Maximum Reflection!
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Fish WOW!
    • ASIN: B01GUNCB1G
    • UPC: 634324620721
    • Part No: SP90ST01P
    Trolling Lake Trout - Rapture Trolling Flies Lake Trout Rigs
    Rapture Trolling Flies Lake Trout

    Trolling Lake Trout

    The Rapture Trolling Fly is one of the best trolling flies for steelhead and salmon. Each of the Coho flies comes with approximately 50 inches worth of 50 lb. test Premium Clear Ande line and an Eagle Claw treble hook. This fly is ready to be fished right out of the package.Leader Length: Approx. 50 in.Line Strength: 50 lb.Hook size: 1Qty per pack: 1

      • Color: YELLOW FEVER
      • Brand: Rapture Trolling Flies
      • ASIN: B07PFYQ5S9
      • UPC: 895376001733
      Trolling Lake Trout - Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure, Multiple BB Chamber Inside, (2) - Size 10 Treble Hooks for Bass, Trout, Walleye, Carp, 1 Count
      Dynamic Lures Trout Fishing Lure, Multiple BB Chamber Inside, (2) - Size 10 Treble Hooks for Bass, Trout, Walleye, Carp, 1

      Trolling Lake Trout

      Small Crankbait: These amazing lures gained popularity from their SMALL PROFILE and amazing action they exhibit. No other small crankbait has this great combination of GREAT CASTING DISTANCE, PHENOMENAL SWIMMING ACTION, IMPRESSIVE MANEUVERABILITY, and REAL LIFE LIKE DESIGN. Originally made specifically for trout and smaller pan fish, anglers soon found out that there isn't a fish that these lures will not catch. One of the great features of the design is that they work great in high current situations like rivers, streams, and creeks, but also in non-current situations such as lakes, reservoirs, and ponds. You will be amazed at the response you will get from the action you feel in your rod tip when swimming these small lures. Target Trout, Bass (Large and Small Mouth), Pike, Walleye, Perch, Crappie, Steelhead, and any other baitfish using these well-crafted, optimally weighted lures.

      • Slender, low profile - topwater crankbait designed with a small front lip
      • Slow sinking fishing lure - optimal target depth 0-2 feet
      • Multiple rattling BB inner chamber - designed to maintain upright position through the water
      • Sturdy construction - made of industry standard coated ABS plastic
      • (2) - ultra-sharp size #10 treble hooks
      • Color: 1 Glimmer Trout
      • Brand: Dynamic Lures
      • ASIN: B00HHJRVEK
      • UPC: 736211237514
      • Part No: HDBA01
      Trolling Lake Trout - Mooselook Wobbler Midget Fishing Spoon Lure, Copper
      Mooselook Wobbler Midget Fishing Spoon Lure,

      Trolling Lake Trout

      John A. Green developed the Mooselook Wobbler in 1938 on Lake Mooselookmeguntic in Maine, from where it takes its name. Its a northeastern favorite in the lake regions of New England and Canada and a classic and proven trout and salmon spoon for over 60 years.

      • For all game fish the time-tested action of the Moose look at a wide range of speeds
      • Wobblers are perfect for light line trolling on light mono or sinking fly lines
      • They are ideal to run behind a dodger or flasher as well as other attractors
      • Color: Copper
      • Brand: Mooselook
      • ASIN: B000LF2XDQ
      • UPC: 050695112038
      • Part No: 11203
      Trolling Lake Trout - Al's Goldfish Lure TRL-LN Trolling Set
      Al's Goldfish Lure TRL-LN Trolling

      Trolling Lake Trout

      Set yourself up for fishing success with a trolling set from al's. Named after the deepest lake in Maine, the Sebago is the premium American made trolling rig on the market. Hand made in new England, polished nickel and 25" long with 5 detachable links to adjust your length to you fishing conditions. This rig features the unique Sebago large a blade. At 4" long it generates vibration that draws in trout and salmon like no other. No rudder required as this rig is made with snap swivels, glass beads, and stainless steel rigid forming wire to eliminate line spin. Run a 2-3 foot leader behind it then tie on al's 5/16 oz 49er when targeting big trout and salmon. If your preference is to use live or dead bait, sew them onto the Minnow rigs with the baiting needles and rigs included. A great gift set for anyone who fishes from a boat, canoe or kayak.

      • Premium Lake troll gift set with the Best from al's goldfish
      • 25" hand made in USA Sebago trolling rig with 5 detachable links and Polished nickel blades. Includes the unique 4" Sebago a blade known for generating a vibration
      • Includes 1 al's 49Er trolling spoon with Polished nickel. 5/16 oz
      • Includes 4 baiting needles. Size 4 inch
      • Includes pack of 3 minnow rigs. Size 2.5 inch
      • Brand: Al's Goldfish Lure
      • ASIN: B01MDM2D85
      • UPC: 038866191044
      • Part No: TRL-LN
      Trolling Lake Trout - Great Lakes Salmon and Fishing: Essential Tactics and Seasonal Strategies
      Great Lakes Salmon and Fishing: Essential Tactics and Seasonal

      Trolling Lake Trout

      Whether you are an experienced angler looking to improve your skills or a novice just discovering the thrill of salmon and trout fishing, this up to date, authoritative guide will lead you to more, and larger fish. The Great Lakes fishery has evolved over the years and this comprehensive book covers the latest, cutting edge tactics, as well as time-proven methods. Captain Dan keating shares a wealth of experiential knowledge from a lifetime of fishing as he teaches you how to locate and catch Coho, Kings, Steelhead, Lake and Brown Trout throughout the season. Learn how to run stealth down riggers, copper, wire, lead core, braid, divers, Torpedoes, side planers, lure selection, meat rigs, and more. Dan also shares the secrets of how to interpret currents and adjust your presentations as conditions change.

        • ASIN: 097742734X

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