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Zbt Series

Zbt Series - ZBT Series:In the Mongolian Steppes
ZBT Series:In the Mongolian

Zbt Series

Mongolia went on a path towards the tradition and national culture after its reform. Genghis Khan, who once was a political taboo, become a symbol of Mongolian again. — In the past, even the mention of his name is illegal. The book describes the course of Mongolia's history and the wars of Mongolia in modern times.

  • ASIN: B00DW83PWM
Zbt Series - Zildjian ZBT Series 3-Piece Cymbal Pack with Free 16” Crash
Zildjian ZBT Series 3-Piece Cymbal Pack with Free 16”

Zbt Series

With innovative manufacturing techniques developed in the Zildjian Sound Lab, the ZBT series delivers a bright, intense sound that cuts through the mix. They also feature extensive lathering with a traditional finish. This exclusive box set offer includes a bright and focused 14 ZBT Hi Hat pair, 18 ZBT Crash/Ride and a free 16 fast crash.ZBT Series 14 Hi-hatsFeaturing a sharp and focused sound. ZBT Series 18 Crash RideA cutting ride sound with excellent crash qualities. Making it versatile for many performance applications.ZBT Series 16 Fast CrashProduces a bright, high pitched tone and helps to round out the set.Features:Exclusive box set offerInnovative manufacturing techniquesA bright, intense sound that cuts through the mixExtensive lathering with a traditional finishFree 16 CrashGet your Zildjian ZBT Cymbal Box Set with Free 16 Crash today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

  • Brand: Avedis Zildjian Company
  • UPC: 642388313558
Zbt Series - ZBT Series:Red Intercept Killer—MiG-25 of Soviet Union
ZBT Series:Red Intercept Killer—MiG-25 of Soviet

Zbt Series

The ace aviators in World War II generally realized the key to win is the height and speed. MiG-25 and MIG-31 pushed the improvement of the interceptor into a peak. The book gives a panoramic view of the development of MiGs, especially gives an introduction of the MiG-25 which also known as Foxbat in detail.

  • ASIN: B00E1AW7K6
Zbt Series - ZBT Series:Aircraft Carrier Strike
ZBT Series:Aircraft Carrier

Zbt Series

It is an important strategy and tactics of American naval air force which shaped in 1920s. The book shows us the birth and growth of American naval air force, and how they become strong through the battles of World War II with excellent illustrations and pictures.

  • ASIN: B00E3OV8I2
Zbt Series - ZBT Series:Students of Whampoa Military Academy (Chinese Edition)
ZBT Series:Students of Whampoa Military Academy (Chinese

Zbt Series

The air combat in night is the rarest one. During the World War II, radar The book summarizes the brief biographies of 706 first group students of Whampoa Military Academy. The situation of graduation, dropout and school expulsion, as well as military career, position, lives, official rank, evaluation and so on. The author strives to cover the historical data on evolution of China's politic and military in recent 100 years. The book can be regarded as the full record of first group has achieved the controlling of attacking over the ground and in the air. The book shows lots of historical facts of sharp forces in night combat in World War II and the air combat with electric offense-defense. The book includes not only the heroic bearings of night combat, but also the facts of the air combat.

  • ASIN: B00DW2C7OU
Zbt Series - ZBT Series: Russo-Japanese War (Revised Edition)
ZBT Series: Russo-Japanese War (Revised

Zbt Series

The Russo-Japanese war lasts from February 6, 1904 to September 5th, 1905. It is a war between Japan and Russia for the Korean peninsula and the region of northeast China.We have started to collect and report the battle since three years ago. The book describe the development background of Japan, Russia, north Korea and other countries, the international diplomatic and political wrangling, the bilateral strategic deployment and operational process, in order to make readers know more about the important battle that has a long-term influence for the future.

Zbt Series - ZBT Series:Menace from Soviet Unions's MiG-15
ZBT Series:Menace from Soviet Unions's

Zbt Series

MiG-15 is one of the most successful fighter planes in the world, and its development also is an important chapter in aviation history, which laid the aviation technology's status of Soviet in the world. And it is also called the best in the world’s first generation of jet fighter planes together with the America’s F-86. The book shows us historical facts of the development of MiG-15 with vivid pictures. Readers who interested in the fighter aircrafts should not miss it.

  • ASIN: B00E9ZW4GK
Zbt Series - ZBT Series: Secret Files of Taiwan (VI) (Chinese Edition)
ZBT Series: Secret Files of Taiwan (VI) (Chinese

Zbt Series

As Chiang Kai-shek has evacuated from mainland to Taiwan last century, it brought 2 million refugees and soldiers, some of them are American soldiers to Taiwan. These people seemingly enjoy privileges and cause some the social impacts. As time goes on, they are marginalized gradually. The book will introduce the secret files of wordless sadness.

  • ASIN: B00FZZ2O0E
Zbt Series - Zildjian ZBT 17
Zildjian ZBT 17" Crash Cymbal

Zbt Series

ZBT 17 inch Crash cymbal

  • Brand: Avedis Zildjian Company
  • UPC: 642388309643

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